Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Gracie!

Today is my sweet baby girl's 4th birthday! We are spending Gracie's birthday in CO but even though we are in another state, I couldn't go by without doing a post for her birthday. It seems like yesterday, she just turned 1, had no hair and barely any teeth. Today, I have a funny, confident, smart little girl who is the light of our lives. I couldn't imagine what life would be like without Gracie.

Today is also a day of reflection for me as I think about Gracie's birth family so far away in China and wonder if they are thinking of her on this day. My emotions are probably completely different than what theirs are on this day and if I had one wish, it would be that they knew that Gracie is doing okay.

When I get back to CA, I will post pictures of Gracie's princess party. Below is a picture that I was quickly able to post from the party before we left for our trip.

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Kimberly and Ed said...

Happy Birthday Gracie! I look forward to seeing pictures of her princess party:-)

Mom of Three said...

It was a wonderful party! Thanks for letting us be a part of it all :)