Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Colorado Trip, Mining Town

Last month, we went out to CO to visit our very good friends, the B's. For privacy, I will use their initials in my posts. We met the B's before we adopted Gracie as G. and I met online and were talking, before we even discovered that we were with the same adoption agency and in the same travel group. It was a frienship that was meant to be and I cherish it so. G. and I email each other almost every day and try to see each other at least once a year. This year was especially nice because G. and her daughter B., were able to come out for Gracie's birthday and then all of us flew back to CO for B.'s party. B.'s birthday is only 6 days after Gracies.

CO is very beautiful, but especially this time of year. The falls leaves were just gorgeous and were all different types of color. It so makes me wish that we had some trees like that in our area. G. kept trying to convince Jerry and I to move to CO but I kept saying that unless they had an ocean, it wouldn't be happening any time soon. :) Oh, and let's not forget about Disneyland as I need to have my monthly fix.

One of the things that we did when we were in CO is go to a mining town. I was freaked out because the guy that showed us the video and gave a whole spiel on the mine, was kind of creepy. Jerry and everyone else kept trying to convince me that the old guy was fine and really wasn't going to hack up our bodies and leave us somewhere in the hills. I still wasn't convinced and as we drove up the hill, I kept planning my escape route, just in case..... Hey, I've seen plenty of horror movies in my time to know better. As you can see since I am typing this blog post, that we made it down the mountain all in one piece. Thank goodness!

We panned for gold after the mine tour. Jerry was a pro as he has done this before. He was able to get some flecks of gold but I have no idea where they are now!

Some of the beautiful trees with a nice waterfall in the background

G. hasn't been able to eat pizza in a long time and was soooooo happy that this place made a dairy free one that she could eat. Kyle was happy too as it was his first slice of pizza.

Waitin' for pizza

M., G's son, was so patient with all the kids. Here they are doing a dog pile on him!

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Mom of Three said...

OK, so I'm a slacker for not seeing this post! We had an incredible time with you guys too, and if we ever get a Disney something, then you can move out :)