Tuesday, November 02, 2010

October Wrap Up

October was a VERY busy month for us. We had so much stuff going on that I am still trying to recover! I love October as my favorite holiday, Halloween falls in it. Not only that, but so does Gracie's birthday and we are into the heart of fall which also happens to be my favorite season. If October were a person, it would be my best friend. :)

The month kicked off with me going to Disneyland. I think we went there about 6 or 7 times in October. After that, our very good friends came out from CO to help celebrate Gracie's birthday (those photos will be in a different post), then came Gracie's birthday, we went back to CO, throw in a couple of Halloween parties and let's not forget about Halloween, and there you go!!! Geesh, I'm tired just from writing all of that.

Instead of trying to catch up with all the pictures, I decided to do one gigantic posting. I am hoping that November will be a little more quieter and so far, it seems to be starting off that way.

We started the month by going to Mickey's Trick or Treat party. My brother and sister-in-law ended up going and we had an awesome time, despite the rain. I think we need to make it a family tradition. In the last picture, my brother Frank and I took a special day and went to Disneyland by ourselves while Grandma watched the kids. It was such a blast as we got to go on Space Mountain and all of the "adult" rides that I normally don't get to partake in.

Since Gracie had a tea party with only friends for her birthday party, we went out to dinner with the family to celebrate Gracie's birthday. When I asked her where she wanted to eat, I was expecting Red Robin or something like that but no, Gracie told me she wanted to go to Mamma Cozzas to eat, much to the dissapointment of Jerry and I as we can't really stand the place. It's Grandpa's favorite restaurant and when he heard where Gracie wanted to eat, I think he jumped for joy. Personally, I think he bribed Gracie to say she wanted to eat there!

Our friend Michelle from the Lucky Mommy's Group hosted a Halloween party at her house. Both Gracie and Kyle had a blast.

This was our second trip to the pumpkin patch. I wasn't happy with the way the first pictures turned out as the kids were tired when we went the first time so I jumped at the chance to go again!

This year, Gracie actually touched the guts of the pumpkin which is way more than last year as she cried and refused. Kyle was a brave little guy too and touched the guts but I'm not sure how thrilled he was about doing so. He was also more interested in sitting on the pumpkins and saying cheese than doing anything else. The princess pumpkin was started by me and after about an hour of huffing and puffing, Jerry my sweet hubby came over and finished it up. It's not free hand but it was very difficult to carve.

From my family to yours, Happy Halloween!

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Mom of Three said...

Looks like a wonderful month, and I'm glad that we could be a part of it all!!