Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Pictures

The days leading up to Christmas day were quite busy for me. I ended up getting sick the week before (just like last year) so all of my good intentions went down the drain and had me up until 1am for 2 nights in a row. Everything was well worth it though when the kids woke up on Christmas morning and saw the presents under the tree and their stockings full.

This year, I felt especially blessed. Not only because we have a roof over our heads, food on the table and Jerry has a job but because we brought home our beautiful son Kyle in May and now our family is complete. Sure, every now and then, I feel the little itch of having another child but I know that deep inside my heart, it is meant for us to have only Kyle and Gracie and reach out in other ways. If someday down the road, we get a sibling call from Korea, of course we would adopt again but for now, I know this is the way it's supposed to be.

On Christmas morning, I don't know who was more excited, Jerry or the kids. Jerry woke me up at 7am and kept asking if Gracie was awake yet and peeking at her presents under the tree. Gracie finally woke up and the festivities began. Gracie and Kyle both got 3 presents from Santa (the rest were from us) because I don't want to make Christmas a "Santa" thing and everything from him. I want Gracie and Kyle to realize that not only is Christmas about presents, but that it's the day Jesus was born and it's the season for giving to others. I think a lot of people tend to forget that.

After opening presents in the morning, we got ready and went to my dad's house for Christmas dinner and more presents. All of us were very tired when we went to bed that night but oh so happy and filled with more love than I could ever express.

Kyle really got into opening his presents and he kept wanting to give everyone theirs

Princess stuff, of course!

Santa brought Gracie a princess car that she had been asking for. She was in total shock when she saw the car as it was outside and I really don't think she expected it.

Kyle literally ran inside when he saw Gracie driving the car around


Gracie grabbed her purse and was ready to go

Dad's tree

Frank prepared ham, pork and roast beef, yummy!

Kyle loved his Buzz chair

Jerry had taken this picture when we were in China and I had it blown up

That's all folks!

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Mom of Three said...

What a beautiful family you have! I can just feel the excitement from everyone. I guess next year, we should call Jerry and chat while we are waiting for our kids to wake up :)