Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Polar Express

Last night we took a 1.5 hour trek to go on the Polar Express train. Gracie was excited since she saw the 20 minute 3D version at Sea World a couple weekends ago and we also showed her the full length feature, the night before. Gracie kept wanting to know if Santa was going to be there and if it was cold at the North Pole.

The ride itself was fairly short, about a 1 hour round trip but it wasn't about the ride, it was the experience. Aboard the train, the kids got to wear their pajamas. Adults were allowed to wear theirs also but we opted out. The elves on board served us chocolate milk and cookies. I wish they gave massages too. The kids were given bells, just like from the movie and we sang Christmas carols. When we finally arrived at the North Pole, there was Santa standing at the side of the train, waving at us! Gracie got super excited then and could barely contain herself. She waited oh so patiently for him to make his way through the train cars until it was finally her turn. It was a long wait too as we were in the very last seat. Kyle also had a good time and even though he's not crazy about the big fat man, Kyle allowed Santa to give him a candy cane which is one of his favorite candies this season.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Kyle and Santa's helper Aunt Debbie

A very cool picture that Jerry took which I played around with in Photoshop

The conductor was super nice to both kids. He even allowed them to wear his hat

Kyle unfortunately, was not too thrilled with the hat

Santa waiting for us to arrive

The kids loved the bells and Gracie made hers into a necklace

This is about as close as Kyle will get to Santa without crying and it's only because Santa is bribing Kyle with the candy cane

The kids waving bye to Santa. Right after Kyle got his candy cane, he was done with Santa and quickly said bye, bye and waved.

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Kimberly and Ed said...

The Polar Express is one of my favorite children's books! What a fun experience for the children. I love the picture of Kyle and Gracie:-)

G's Momma said...

so cute!! This seems like something I'd do with G. thx for posting about it

Mom of Three said...

That looks so great!! I wish we had a Polar Express here :) Maybe next year we can go with you!