Friday, February 11, 2011

East Meets West

This afternoon, we met some of the Lucky Mommys for some Disneyland fun. Disneyland is celebrating Chinese New Year and had a bunch of activites going on. We got there late because Gracie had preschool so we missed most of the activities but we did get some cute pictures with Mulan and Mickey and Minnie dressed in their traditional clothing. It was a lot of fun but really crowded and hot. It was about 78* today in SoCal and it's only February!!! Gracie had fun though and Kyle too. We even managed to get on a few rides, before heading home.

Gracie watched Mulan for the first time last week. She's not really crazy about this princess as she's more into the girly ones such as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

All the beautiful girls!

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