Thursday, March 03, 2011

Sad News

I am so very saddened to write that my oldest brother Frank, passed away last Thursday. Frank passed away at the very young age of 52. He was battling lung cancer. I actually shouldn't even use the word battling because Frank chose not to do chemo or radiation as he wanted to have quality of life and spend it with us, those few precious months that he had left. I am also not going to say that he lost his fight because he didn't. To the very end, Frank never let the cancer get the best of him and always had a postive attitude. He was usually the one comforting those around him and even last week, told us that he was at peace with everything.

Shortly after Frank's transition, I received an email from the person who is going to preside over Frank's service. Here is a portion of what was written.

"Your brother was one of the kindest, most compassionate and loving people I have ever met. I kept thinking that I would be overcome with a great sense of loss but throughout the day I felt his presence. What a beautiful human he was...I can't imagine how glorious he is right now as he has transitioned from this world into a place that is free of pain & disease; is free of fear; is free of need or want...transitioned to a place of beauty, light, abundance in the very presence of God and the angels."

I get tears in my eyes as I read the above because I know it's true. Frank is at peace and that's all he ever wanted. That and to see my mom again and his dogs.

I love you very much brother and am going to miss you greatly. I know you are around watching over us from heaven.


Karen said...

Praying for you as you walk through this time - we love you all.

Mom of Three said...

That is a beautiful memoir to him. I wish I knew him better. He sounds like an incredible person. Our prayers are with you and your family.

Linda from CA said...

So sorry for your loss. He was very brave.

*Overflowing* said...

Tanya, I had no idea. I am so sorry! Praying for your family!!!