Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Easter ended up being a quiet but nice affair this year. In the morning, I woke up to Gracie whispering in my ear if she could go find the eggs that the Easter Bunny had hidden. It was pretty early so I told her no and go back to sleep. About 20 minutes later, she asked again and of course my answer was still no. Finally, after a 3rd time, I felt sorry for her so I peeled my eyes open and after getting Kyle from his crib, we all rushed into the living room to see what the bunny had brought. This year, the bunny was a little stingy and only left a little bit of candy. Seeing in year's past, that the candy sat in the basket for a few weeks and then got thrown away, I guess that bunny has learned. Gracie was very happy with her princess bucket and sand toysand Kyle was happy with the candy.

After having some chocolate for breakfast, the kids, actually Gracie as Kyle was still chomping away, went off to find the eggs. This is Gracie's favorite part and she specifically requested that the bunny hide no eggs outside as the grass would be too wet. After the hunt, we went to church, with the kids on a sugar high and then Marie cooked a nice brunch for us. That would be Marie Callendars, the restaurant for those of you who don't have them in your state. The day ended with all of us stuffed full of good food, happiness and yummy chocolate.

First look at their goodies

Kyle doing the happy dance with a mouthful of chocolate

Gracie counting her eggs to make sure she got them all

So ecstatic at brunch as he got all the food he wanted

Huge basket that Gracie got from grandma

Thanks Grandma June, the kids loved their baskets, especially Kyle with all the cars

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Weekend

As promised, I said I had a lot of pictures to post and this is just one group of them. Bet you didn't think I would blog this fast again, did you?! The first set of pictures is actually from Gracie's last day of preschool, before Easter break. It was my turn to volunteer with the little rug rats, children and it so happened to be the day of the party so I grabbed my camera and brought it with. I was in charge of the egg dyeing which I wasn't too thrilled about (think 15 kids and a bunch of colored dye) but all went well. The stickers kept falling off the eggs but oh well, the job got done. After that, the kids went outside for an Easter Egg hunt. There were tons and I mean tons of eggs, scattered throughout the playground. I had visions of melted chocolate everywhere. Gracie was very picky with her eggs and only wanted certain ones. She is so uncompetetive, just like her mommy. Meanwhile, there were kids who had their baskets full to the brim. We separted the eggs anyway and made the baskets even so it all worked out in the end. After eggs, it was pizza time. Finally, my 3 hours was done (felt like a million) and we were free for a week.

The next group of pictures is from today. Michelle, was a gracious host and had The Lucky Mommys over for a lot of sugar and a little partying. The kids first did an Easter Egg hunt and Kyle got the concept right away. He actually opted to not do the mandatory group shot but instead, made a beeline for all the pretty plastic eggs. I intervened and stuck him in the picture but he had already stolen an egg or two and was too focused on those to smile. Then, the kids had to carry eggs on a spoon, around the tree and back again. If it's not apparent as you are reading this, the concept didn't go over so well. Most of the kids ended up dropping their eggs and stepping on them. Yup, that was more fun than the carrying them on the spoon part. Kyle actually threw his egg like a ball. In his defense, it does kind of look like one. Finally, the kids were supposed to guesstimate how many marshmallow candies and Nerds, Michelle had put into these cute Easter jars. Guesstimate just isn't a word that 2, 3 and 4 year olds use so that didn't quite work out. The mommys ended up guessing (with a little help on Michelle's part). The party was really fun and it was great having us all together again as all of us have been pretty busy.

Finally, the last group of photos is from tonight. We dyed Easter Eggs with the kids. I wasn't sure if I was going to have Kyle participate but I am glad I did as he had a blast. This is Kyle's first Easter with us and possibly his first one celebrating as I am not sure if his foster mom was a Christian or not. The egg dyeing went well and even Jerry got into the act. Let's just hope that tonight, Mr. Easter Bunny remembers to come and hide all the eggs.


This station was cookie decorating. Glad I didn't get that one. :)

Pizza and a movie, what better way to educate a child


Again, Gracie was picky with her eggs and only got a few

So careful not to drop her egg off the spoon


Love the look on Kyle's face. He couldn't believe the egg turned blue!

Gracie's letter says:

Dear Bunny,

Hide some eggs. Hop back to your hole.

Love, Gracie

Friday, April 22, 2011

Back to Blogging

Finally back after about a month's break. Have had a lot going on and a ton of pictures in which I will have to post to catch up. In the meantime, here is our traditonal photo with the Easter Bunny. Same bunny every year which is cool. This year was Kyle's first and I am happy to say that he didn't freak out like he did in December with Santa.

Previous year's pictures. 2008 2009 2010