Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Camping We Will Go

For the the week of July 4th, we took our annual camping trip to Mammoth Mountain. We went to Lake Tahoe last year for the 4th and decided to hit Mammoth this year. I guess we like looking at fireworks over lakes, that's why it's become an annual trip. For those of you who don't know what or where Mammoth is, it's a town by the Sierra Nevada mountain range with a population of about 7,000 people. The mountain itself is a big volcano that people ski and mountain bike down. The area is very beautiful and houses pricey but many years ago, when all the earthquakes were happening, along with the thermal activity, you could get a house for practically nothing as the mountain was supposed to blow, just like Mt. St. Helens in WA. Wish I were old enough to buy then!

Since I have a ton of pictures, I will categorize each section.

The 4th was really fun and we attended the local parade. The parade consisted of homemade floats, people walking down the street all dressed up and a guy on a bike that was dressed like a mammoth. His costume was pretty cool. Gracie and Kyle enjoyed themselves as the people in the parade would throw candy to all the kids. It was almost like Halloween except the candy given was pretty much the stuff that you find at the beauty shop. You know, the hard stuff that has been around for a while. Kyle also got to taste his first snow cone, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Later that night, we had a bbq and went to watch the fireworks over Crowley Lake. After moving 3 spots, Jerry had to 4X4 it to find the perfect one to see the fireworks. There was a couple other cars around us and that's about it. The fireworks were advertised as being in high definition which I'm still not sure what the means but whatever. They were nice and we had a great time.

People were still skiing, even though it was in the 80s. There was a record snowfall this year in Mammoth.

View of Crowley Lake from our secret spot

One of the things that the Sierras offer, are lots of hiking trails. Seeing that I am now actually able to walk more than 30 feet without collapsing, we took the kids down to Red's Meadow to hike to Rainbow Falls. I carried Kyle on my back while Gracie walked and what a trooper she was. We hiked almost 4 miles and even though she whined a little (heck, my hubby was whining more than Gracie), she did awesome! I am so proud of her and see more hikes in our future.

Famous Mammoth trademark in the background. Oops, I cut it's head off!

This area is called "The Dead Forest" as a few years ago, there was a fire that swept through here. It was pretty warm and really eerie to see all the dead trees but as we were walking, I could see where nature was replenishing itself with baby trees.

The hike to the falls was totally worth it to catch the rainbow. Can you spot it?

One of the things that Gracie really wanted to do was go fishing. She had picked out a princess fishing pole from Walmart because you can't go fishing without Sleeping Beauty and she couldn't wait to use it. Gracie so badly wanted to catch a fish but they just weren't biting that day. She had a lot of fun anyway.

Convict Lake which is where Nature Valley had filmed a commercial at a few years ago, advertising their granola bars.

While Gracie fished, Kyle ate, as he was very happy doing that activity

The following are misc. pictures taken during our entire camping week.

Jerry wanted to take the truck off-road. I wasn't too thrilled with that idea and white knuckled it pretty much the entire way!

The lonely path we took

View from the top. I guess it was worth risking my life to get this view. Wait, no it wasn't!

One of the kids' favorite activites to do was hang out in the trailer and color. Gracie drew a watermelon that matched her outfit. I think she did a pretty darn good job.

Some downtime

One cannot go camping without indulging in S'mores. Sure you can make them in the backyard but there's nothing like the "real" thing.

Yep, there was a swimming pool in the middle of nowhere. The cool thing is, Jerry used to swim at this pool when he was younger.

At the end of the trip, Kyle had, had enough of the trailer and us