Saturday, August 27, 2011


A couple of weekends ago, we had the opportunity to meet our friends the K.s at SeaWorld. We only get to see them about once a year, so it's a great treat when we do. The girls get along great and every time they see each other, act like old friends who have been together forever.

We pretty much let the girls choose what they wanted to do (poor Kyle, was just along for the ride) and it was nice not having a schedule or something that we just had to do.

SeaWorld was really fun but I couldn't help but feel a little sentimental, as the last time the kids and I were there, was last November, with my two brothers and sister-in-law. Since then, my brother Frank, has passed from lung cancer.

One of the rare pictures I got of Kyle looking at the camera

New sea turtle exhibit that was amazing. Ironically, there are no turtles in the background

The girls loved playing on this fake turtle

Don't mess with this guy, he looks mean!

Kyle was so cute as he ran right up to Elmo and got smothered in Elmo's arms

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cinderella Play

I don't know what happened this summer but I have been busy. Not just busy but CRAZY busy! I don't know what I have been doing but the summer has flown by and I actually have forgotten to blog. Normally I have people that "gently" remind me but not this time, so things once again have been slack so I need to catch up with my summer happenings.

Last month, Gracie attended her first official play. It was the story of Cinderella but not the Disney version. In the play we saw, Cinderella had gasp, dark hair! All throughout the play, I kept hearing Gracie whisper, "Mommy, why isn't Cinderella's hair blonde?" Notice she didn't say yellow, as I taught her long ago, the proper term for my hair color as it drove me crazy when I was teaching in classrooms and the kids would say I had yellow hair. :) I know should probably introduce her to different versions of the story but she loves the Disney one so that's what we'll stick with, at least for now and hey, I think Cinderella looks pretty good as a blonde. ;)

Gracie and her friend Sophie underneath the carriage

Love this picture as Gracie looks so excited

There they are, the Prince and Princess, dark hair and all

All the girls together