Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

Trick or treating was rather iffy this year, as the whole household was sick. The boys ended up getting sick from us girls and it wasn't very fun. We are still fighting this thing and hopefully it will take flight and find another place to visit. Aside from that, Halloween was really fun this year. Kyle is able to say trick or treat this year and understood that if he stuck his bucket out, he would be rewarded. It was nice because I decided to dress him as a dog and got a great steal on his costume. What I didn't realize was, as Kyle walked, the little tail on his costume wagged. It was adorable! Gracie wanted to be a witch this year. She told me a while ago that she wanted to be one but she had said the same thing last year and then changed her mind the day of and ended up wearing one of her princess costumes. She stuck to her guns though and I let her pick the costume.

The kids got a ton of candy, which is still sitting in their buckets. They haven't even asked for the candy, not even Kyle, who is like mommy and loves sweets. I think they enjoy the whole concept, better than eating the goods. Even though I love Halloween, I am ready to move on to the next holiday. I am actually in the Christmas Spirit early this year so this weekend, after I take down my Halloween decorations, am going to start on the Christmas ones.

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween 064 Copy

Halloween 002 Copy 1

Halloween Party 019 Copy

Halloween 038 Copy
I love this picture. Jerry said something funny that made the kids crack up.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zoo and Pumpkins Too!

A couple weeks ago, Groupon had a really good deal for our local pumpkin patch that is literally 5 minutes from our house. I jumped on the deal and Jerry and I took the kids. It was pretty warm that day, which is normal for October. One thing that we found is, they didn't have very many pumpkins. This was towards the beginning of the season, so I don't know if that's why or if it was a generally bad pumpkin growing season. Kyle picked a small pumpkin as they were the cheapest and we took Gracie to Walmart afterwards, as the pumpkin patch wanted 15 bucks for a medium pumpkin, no thank you! We found that Walmart had no pumpkins at all, so had to go to the grocery store.

We also were able to get together with a group of our friends this past Friday and go to the petting zoo. Again, we got a great deal through Living Social. Gotta love those sites! All of the kids had a blast and wanted to stay. The mommies and Jerry, on the otherhand, were starting to have trouble breathing, probably from all the hay and dust. It was a fun day though and I love that area. Kyle and Gracie actually had pictures taken around the corner from the zoo, by our friend and they turned out great. I will post those when I get them back.

Most of the pictures that I am posting have not been re-touched by Photoshop, so sorry for the quality. I have not had time to post because Gracie has been sick for two weeks and now I have picked it up, so I didn't feel likeplaying around with the photos. I did lighten up a few as they were too dark.

Gracie 1


Pumpkin that Kyle picked

Pumpkin Patch 045
Kyle's first roller coaster. You can tell he is hanging on for dear life!

Pumpkin Patch 022

Zoomars 2011 060 Copy
Fun with friends!

Zoomars 2011 073

Zoomars 2011 088

Zoomars 2011 053
This little guy was in hog heaven

Gracie and Kailee

Cute series of photos that I got of Gracie and Kailee

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Party On Barbie

Saturday, we had Gracie's 5th birthday party. About 4 months ago, Gracie told me that she wanted a Barbie party. I nodded my head and said yeah, okay, thinking that she would change her mind at least 1 or 2 times, before it was time to plan for her party. Gracie didn't change her mind though and wanted to stick with the Barbie theme. I did some checking on the Internet for cute supplies but all they have now for table goods are the "real" looking Barbie. I went with it and decided to add a few things.

I searched the Internet and my friend Kimberly sent me a couple of cool links, so I grabbed some ideas from there. My close friend G. who throws the best parties and is the most creative and talented person I know, gave me some super cute ideas too. She and her family have come out the last couple of years from CO but weren't able to make it this year but they were greatly missed.

Gracie loved her party and all the kids had a blast! Last year, we had Cinderella come but this time around, we did crafts and played games. I picked up a couple of inexpensive bracelet kits at Target and the kids used fabric paint and stickers to decorate the bracelets. Gracie also wanted a pinata so I stuffed one full of candy because what's a party without candy and sending children home all sugared up. I bought the pull string kind which is so much easier to do, especially at this age.

I made Gracie a Barbie doll cake this year. Apparently, these type of cakes have been around for years but I was never into Barbie so didn't even know they exisited. Gracie loved helping me decorate it and instructed where she wanted items to go. I had a little mishap with my original idea of mini-doll cakes for the kids and ended up going with cupcakes but they still turned out really cute and the kids liked them. All of us were wiped out after the party but it was so worth it and I can't wait to start planning Kyle's!

Gracie and Cake
Love this photo of Gracie!

Gracie's Birthday Tables

Gracie's 5th Birthday Party 088 Copy
The kids making their bracelets

Gracie's 5th Birthday Party copy 107
Playing musical bunny which is the opposite of musical chairs. As each child was "stuck" with the bunny, after the music stopped, they got a prize

Gracie's 5th Birthday Party 066 copy
Gracie and Aunty Jill. So grateful for friends like Jill. She came over to help with the party.

Gracie's 5th Birthday Party 152
Kyle and Wes

Gracie's 5th Birthday Party 015 copy
I made each child individual doll cupcakes. The frosting was a little melted but they turned out cute!

cropped barbie cake copy
Barbie cake that Gracie helped decorate

Thursday, October 13, 2011

5th Birthday

Today my little girl turned 5. She was so excited she told me, because now she is the same age as her friend Kailee. For me, it was an emotional day and I'm not sure why this birthday was more more emotional for me than than usual. Maybe it's because this is the first birthday that Gracie has celebrated without my brother Frank. I don't know but more than once, I found myself with tears in my eyes. Either way, my sweet baby girl is another year older and as a couple of people have told me, Gracie is now one whole hand, lol! I let her pick anything she wanted to eat for dinner because birthdays are very special, so Gracie chose to have orange chicken from our local chinese restaurant. Saturday, we are having her birthday party and she can't wait. My little girl may be growing up but she's not too young to lay in bed with me and rest her head on my shoulder, while I read stories to her, just as I did tonight.

Happy Birthday Gracie, we love you very much!!

The pictures below were this morning and not the best quality as I was rushing before taking Kyle to preschool and Gracie to kinder.

Gracie Up

Playing Around
I was fooling around in Photoshop

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Fall Happenings

It's only the first week of October and things have been busy! Our calendar is almost filled up for the month. I thought that when Gracie started school full-time, things would slow down a bit. Nope, not a chance! We've been doing a lot of fun things, so many, that I decided to stick them all in one post.

Midevial Times
My cousin Jill came out for a visit towards the end of September. It was a nice surprise and we got to do some things that we normally wouldn't. Jill works at Medieval Times which is a dinner theater that has horses, knights and jousting, amongst other things. The food was good, especially the soup and garlic bread and their dessert tasted just like the old McDonalds apple pies, back when they were fried, before we became a health concious society and decided to sue everyone so now the pies are baked. We were able to get in for free which was a great bonus (thanks Jill). The kids had fun but I believe some adults had more fun, especially after they had a drink or two or three..... Just saying.

As everyone knows, I love Disneyland but I REALLY love the place in the fall. They decorate for Halloween and it looks super cool. I will probably be at Disneyland at least 3 or 4 more times this month, before they take down all the decorations.

Moon Festival 144
We celebrated the Moon Festival at our house this year. Plans fell through for the original location and some of us moms still wanted to celebrate so I decide to have it at our house. We did a lantern craft and had a potluck which worked out nicely. All the food was yummy! Here is a picture of the girls on Gracie's new big girl bed. They are all growing up so fast and oh so cute!

Picnik collage
Since Gracie is in school, this allows for Kyle and I to go on some playdates that we haven't been able to in the past. Yes, it's another Halloween post (told you I loved the holiday). My friend Kimberly had a Witches' Tea party for the kids and it was a blast. Kimberly is super talented and her house looked adorable. In the photo above, one of the moms made creepy fingers which turned out super cute. All they are made from is string cheese and olives. I'm definitely stealing that idea! The other photo is of the two Kyles as we call them. My Kyle and my friend Kimberly's son. I think they are the two cutest witches out there, just don't tell Gracie as she is dressing up as that for Halloween. =)

Kyle First Day of Preschool 001
Here is a picture of Kyle on his first day of preschool. With Gracie being gone all day, he misses her a lot so I decided to put him in school one day per week. This also allows for me to volunteer in Gracie's class and get some things done around this house. I had to give up having a housecleaner but it's so worth it, as Kyle did really well his first day. He cried for about 30 seconds and then was fine. I think it was worse for me as I missed my little guy.