Saturday, October 08, 2011

Fall Happenings

It's only the first week of October and things have been busy! Our calendar is almost filled up for the month. I thought that when Gracie started school full-time, things would slow down a bit. Nope, not a chance! We've been doing a lot of fun things, so many, that I decided to stick them all in one post.

Midevial Times
My cousin Jill came out for a visit towards the end of September. It was a nice surprise and we got to do some things that we normally wouldn't. Jill works at Medieval Times which is a dinner theater that has horses, knights and jousting, amongst other things. The food was good, especially the soup and garlic bread and their dessert tasted just like the old McDonalds apple pies, back when they were fried, before we became a health concious society and decided to sue everyone so now the pies are baked. We were able to get in for free which was a great bonus (thanks Jill). The kids had fun but I believe some adults had more fun, especially after they had a drink or two or three..... Just saying.

As everyone knows, I love Disneyland but I REALLY love the place in the fall. They decorate for Halloween and it looks super cool. I will probably be at Disneyland at least 3 or 4 more times this month, before they take down all the decorations.

Moon Festival 144
We celebrated the Moon Festival at our house this year. Plans fell through for the original location and some of us moms still wanted to celebrate so I decide to have it at our house. We did a lantern craft and had a potluck which worked out nicely. All the food was yummy! Here is a picture of the girls on Gracie's new big girl bed. They are all growing up so fast and oh so cute!

Picnik collage
Since Gracie is in school, this allows for Kyle and I to go on some playdates that we haven't been able to in the past. Yes, it's another Halloween post (told you I loved the holiday). My friend Kimberly had a Witches' Tea party for the kids and it was a blast. Kimberly is super talented and her house looked adorable. In the photo above, one of the moms made creepy fingers which turned out super cute. All they are made from is string cheese and olives. I'm definitely stealing that idea! The other photo is of the two Kyles as we call them. My Kyle and my friend Kimberly's son. I think they are the two cutest witches out there, just don't tell Gracie as she is dressing up as that for Halloween. =)

Kyle First Day of Preschool 001
Here is a picture of Kyle on his first day of preschool. With Gracie being gone all day, he misses her a lot so I decided to put him in school one day per week. This also allows for me to volunteer in Gracie's class and get some things done around this house. I had to give up having a housecleaner but it's so worth it, as Kyle did really well his first day. He cried for about 30 seconds and then was fine. I think it was worse for me as I missed my little guy.

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