Saturday, October 15, 2011

Party On Barbie

Saturday, we had Gracie's 5th birthday party. About 4 months ago, Gracie told me that she wanted a Barbie party. I nodded my head and said yeah, okay, thinking that she would change her mind at least 1 or 2 times, before it was time to plan for her party. Gracie didn't change her mind though and wanted to stick with the Barbie theme. I did some checking on the Internet for cute supplies but all they have now for table goods are the "real" looking Barbie. I went with it and decided to add a few things.

I searched the Internet and my friend Kimberly sent me a couple of cool links, so I grabbed some ideas from there. My close friend G. who throws the best parties and is the most creative and talented person I know, gave me some super cute ideas too. She and her family have come out the last couple of years from CO but weren't able to make it this year but they were greatly missed.

Gracie loved her party and all the kids had a blast! Last year, we had Cinderella come but this time around, we did crafts and played games. I picked up a couple of inexpensive bracelet kits at Target and the kids used fabric paint and stickers to decorate the bracelets. Gracie also wanted a pinata so I stuffed one full of candy because what's a party without candy and sending children home all sugared up. I bought the pull string kind which is so much easier to do, especially at this age.

I made Gracie a Barbie doll cake this year. Apparently, these type of cakes have been around for years but I was never into Barbie so didn't even know they exisited. Gracie loved helping me decorate it and instructed where she wanted items to go. I had a little mishap with my original idea of mini-doll cakes for the kids and ended up going with cupcakes but they still turned out really cute and the kids liked them. All of us were wiped out after the party but it was so worth it and I can't wait to start planning Kyle's!

Gracie and Cake
Love this photo of Gracie!

Gracie's Birthday Tables

Gracie's 5th Birthday Party 088 Copy
The kids making their bracelets

Gracie's 5th Birthday Party copy 107
Playing musical bunny which is the opposite of musical chairs. As each child was "stuck" with the bunny, after the music stopped, they got a prize

Gracie's 5th Birthday Party 066 copy
Gracie and Aunty Jill. So grateful for friends like Jill. She came over to help with the party.

Gracie's 5th Birthday Party 152
Kyle and Wes

Gracie's 5th Birthday Party 015 copy
I made each child individual doll cupcakes. The frosting was a little melted but they turned out cute!

cropped barbie cake copy
Barbie cake that Gracie helped decorate


G's Momma said...

Super cute! Georgie had a great time.

Mom of Three said...

What a fun party! I so wish we could have been there, but we get to see you soon.