Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

Trick or treating was rather iffy this year, as the whole household was sick. The boys ended up getting sick from us girls and it wasn't very fun. We are still fighting this thing and hopefully it will take flight and find another place to visit. Aside from that, Halloween was really fun this year. Kyle is able to say trick or treat this year and understood that if he stuck his bucket out, he would be rewarded. It was nice because I decided to dress him as a dog and got a great steal on his costume. What I didn't realize was, as Kyle walked, the little tail on his costume wagged. It was adorable! Gracie wanted to be a witch this year. She told me a while ago that she wanted to be one but she had said the same thing last year and then changed her mind the day of and ended up wearing one of her princess costumes. She stuck to her guns though and I let her pick the costume.

The kids got a ton of candy, which is still sitting in their buckets. They haven't even asked for the candy, not even Kyle, who is like mommy and loves sweets. I think they enjoy the whole concept, better than eating the goods. Even though I love Halloween, I am ready to move on to the next holiday. I am actually in the Christmas Spirit early this year so this weekend, after I take down my Halloween decorations, am going to start on the Christmas ones.

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween 064 Copy

Halloween 002 Copy 1

Halloween Party 019 Copy

Halloween 038 Copy
I love this picture. Jerry said something funny that made the kids crack up.

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Mom of Three said...

What beautiful pictures of your kids. It looks like you had a great Halloween month!