Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zoo and Pumpkins Too!

A couple weeks ago, Groupon had a really good deal for our local pumpkin patch that is literally 5 minutes from our house. I jumped on the deal and Jerry and I took the kids. It was pretty warm that day, which is normal for October. One thing that we found is, they didn't have very many pumpkins. This was towards the beginning of the season, so I don't know if that's why or if it was a generally bad pumpkin growing season. Kyle picked a small pumpkin as they were the cheapest and we took Gracie to Walmart afterwards, as the pumpkin patch wanted 15 bucks for a medium pumpkin, no thank you! We found that Walmart had no pumpkins at all, so had to go to the grocery store.

We also were able to get together with a group of our friends this past Friday and go to the petting zoo. Again, we got a great deal through Living Social. Gotta love those sites! All of the kids had a blast and wanted to stay. The mommies and Jerry, on the otherhand, were starting to have trouble breathing, probably from all the hay and dust. It was a fun day though and I love that area. Kyle and Gracie actually had pictures taken around the corner from the zoo, by our friend and they turned out great. I will post those when I get them back.

Most of the pictures that I am posting have not been re-touched by Photoshop, so sorry for the quality. I have not had time to post because Gracie has been sick for two weeks and now I have picked it up, so I didn't feel likeplaying around with the photos. I did lighten up a few as they were too dark.

Gracie 1


Pumpkin that Kyle picked

Pumpkin Patch 045
Kyle's first roller coaster. You can tell he is hanging on for dear life!

Pumpkin Patch 022

Zoomars 2011 060 Copy
Fun with friends!

Zoomars 2011 073

Zoomars 2011 088

Zoomars 2011 053
This little guy was in hog heaven

Gracie and Kailee

Cute series of photos that I got of Gracie and Kailee

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