Sunday, November 27, 2011

Amos got caught reading this morning

Elf Day 2 003 Copy

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving and New Traditions

I have to admit, I am not a big fan of Thanksgiving. Not sure why but even when I was younger, I didn't like it very much. Maybe it's because I am not into turkey too much, the rest of the food items, yes. I won't say I hate it as I don't like using that word because it's too harsh and I don't want to teach my children to "hate" anything or not like a holiday because I don't. Don't get me wrong, we did have a big meal at my dad's house and I am very thankful but sometimes, it seems that people get caught up in one day and forget about the other 364 of the year.

This year, we started the Christmas Season off early. The decorations have been up for over a week now and we got our Christmas tree yesterday. Getting the tree this early, is one of our new traditions, as in the past, we've usually gone the weekend after Thanksgiving. Jerry wanted to go early as he thought the trees might dry out, when the weather got warmer. He was right as it's 80* here today and supposed to be that tomorrow too. The lot was also empty at our local Home Depot (I know, I know but we have slim pickings for tree lots and they're less expensive) and we got a beautiful tree! Since we are on a strict budget right now, we did forgo our tradition of going out to breakfast for dinner.

Another new tradition that came to visit us this year, is our new elf from "The Elf on the Shelf". He came last night with his book, while the kids were in the bath. Gracie named him Amos and this morning, when she woke up, she found him putting the first ornament on her pink Christmas tree. It's going to be an exciting time around here until Christmas, as each morning, after Amos flies back to our house from the North Pole, he will be found in a different spot. I plan on taking pictures each day and posting to my blog.

Thanksgiving 2011 068 Copy

Poor Kyle was so tired, he decided to rest on Gracie's shoulder. I thought it was adorable!

Christmas Tree Shopping 018 Copy

Christmas tree shopping

Elf Day 1 003 Copy

Amos is frozen until tonight, when he flies home to Santa. The kids know they can't touch him or he will lose his magic.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Feast and Teeth

Today was Gracie's Thanksgiving feast at school. Even though Gracie goes to a public school, I love it and her teacher Ms. B. is awesome! All of the parents, brothers, sisters, etc. were invited to her class to hear the kids sing some songs and then munch out. Jerry has this week off, so he got to attend too. Jerry video'd Gracie singing her songs last night, as we knew that we wouldn't be able to hear her sweet little voice today, amongst the other kids. I love listening to Gracie's voice as she is a much better singer than I am, lol! Actually, anybody is a much better singer than me! What's interesting is, I have been hearing Gracie sing these songs all week but today, when the last song the class sang was put to music, I got very teary eyed. I started thinking about how lucky I am to have Gracie and Kyle and fortunate enough to attend her feast today.

Kyle also had his first dental appointment today. He did so well! Not one bit of crying and he even got his teeth fully cleaned. The dentist did say that Gracie probably won't be losing her teeth until well into the age of 6 but I am not going to tell her that as she so wants to lose one now. It's so funny because when we are young, we want to lose our teeth and when we get older, our biggest fear is that they will fall out! As a celebration for the kids both having no cavities, I bought them Christmas tree cookies at the store. Shhhh, don't tell the dentist.

Gracie singing Thanksgiving songs at home

Feast and Kyle Dentist 020

Feast and Kyle Dentist 030 Copy
Gracie the pilgrim

Feast and Kyle Dentist 032 Copy
Kyle got in on the act too. He so wants to go to kindergarten.

Feast and Kyle Dentist 046 Copy
Getting ready for his X-Ray

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

5 Year Check-Up

Today, Gracie went to the doctors for her 5 year check-up. The first thing she asked was if she was going to get a shot. All her immunizations are up to date so I told her no and she was pretty happy with that. They did the usual stuff and Gracie's eyes are great. The hearing test is a joke. Put on the earphones and press the button when you can hear the sound. She passed that too, which doesn't surprise me, as that girl can hear mine and Jerry's conversation a mile away. Hmmm, wonder why she can't hear me when I am asking her a question. They checked Gracie's height and weight and currently, she is 43.5". The doctor said she is tall for her age, the 76th percentile and calculated how tall Gracie may be when she gets older. According to the doctor, Gracie will be around 5'5" which is what my height is. I am hoping for a little bit taller than me! Anyway, the picture quality is horrible as it was taken with my phone, which is an old Blackberry. I can't wait to get the new iPhone, come March! By the way, Gracie loved the gown they put on her and made us take it home, so she could play dress up with it. I sure wish us adults got cute ones like that too!

Gracie 5th Doctor