Wednesday, November 09, 2011

5 Year Check-Up

Today, Gracie went to the doctors for her 5 year check-up. The first thing she asked was if she was going to get a shot. All her immunizations are up to date so I told her no and she was pretty happy with that. They did the usual stuff and Gracie's eyes are great. The hearing test is a joke. Put on the earphones and press the button when you can hear the sound. She passed that too, which doesn't surprise me, as that girl can hear mine and Jerry's conversation a mile away. Hmmm, wonder why she can't hear me when I am asking her a question. They checked Gracie's height and weight and currently, she is 43.5". The doctor said she is tall for her age, the 76th percentile and calculated how tall Gracie may be when she gets older. According to the doctor, Gracie will be around 5'5" which is what my height is. I am hoping for a little bit taller than me! Anyway, the picture quality is horrible as it was taken with my phone, which is an old Blackberry. I can't wait to get the new iPhone, come March! By the way, Gracie loved the gown they put on her and made us take it home, so she could play dress up with it. I sure wish us adults got cute ones like that too!

Gracie 5th Doctor

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