Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Feast and Teeth

Today was Gracie's Thanksgiving feast at school. Even though Gracie goes to a public school, I love it and her teacher Ms. B. is awesome! All of the parents, brothers, sisters, etc. were invited to her class to hear the kids sing some songs and then munch out. Jerry has this week off, so he got to attend too. Jerry video'd Gracie singing her songs last night, as we knew that we wouldn't be able to hear her sweet little voice today, amongst the other kids. I love listening to Gracie's voice as she is a much better singer than I am, lol! Actually, anybody is a much better singer than me! What's interesting is, I have been hearing Gracie sing these songs all week but today, when the last song the class sang was put to music, I got very teary eyed. I started thinking about how lucky I am to have Gracie and Kyle and fortunate enough to attend her feast today.

Kyle also had his first dental appointment today. He did so well! Not one bit of crying and he even got his teeth fully cleaned. The dentist did say that Gracie probably won't be losing her teeth until well into the age of 6 but I am not going to tell her that as she so wants to lose one now. It's so funny because when we are young, we want to lose our teeth and when we get older, our biggest fear is that they will fall out! As a celebration for the kids both having no cavities, I bought them Christmas tree cookies at the store. Shhhh, don't tell the dentist.

Gracie singing Thanksgiving songs at home

Feast and Kyle Dentist 020

Feast and Kyle Dentist 030 Copy
Gracie the pilgrim

Feast and Kyle Dentist 032 Copy
Kyle got in on the act too. He so wants to go to kindergarten.

Feast and Kyle Dentist 046 Copy
Getting ready for his X-Ray

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