Sunday, December 04, 2011

Santa and Cupcakes

Yesterday, I took the kids for our traditional picture with Santa. I've been taking Gracie to see Santa, since the year she came home and started taking Kyle last year. I frame every Santa photo and would like to take the kids (if they are willing) every year, until they are 18. Of course, they won't have to sit on Santa's lap, lol but they can stand next to him. It's fun to take out the pictures every year and see how big the kids have gotten. Now that Gracie is older, she really gets a kick out of it! Of course, she is super smart and observant and wanted to know why Santa's clothes were a little different in one of the pictures and why his beard was a little greyer in another. I quickly came up with something and she was satisfied.

Aside from Santa, I am addicted to a site called Pinterest. You may or may not have heard of it but it's awesome and SO addicting! I could spend hours researching stuff to pin to my boards. One of the cool things that I found are these North Pole cupcakes. They are super cute and very easy to make. All you need to do is, bake white cupcakes, frost them, then take candy canes and break the hook off to represent the poles. Use leftover frosting to sitck a red M&M to the top of the "pole" and print out signs that say North Pole. I used frosting to stick those to the poles too. You can sprinkle white sugar crystals on top for snow or use coconut. I used both. Since I am in a crafty mood, thanks to Pinterest, I will be posting more fun craft things that I have created for this Christmas Season.

Santa  Pictures 020 Copy

No crying this year for Kyle, yay! =)

North Pole Cupcakes 002 copy

North Pole cupcakes. They were yummy!

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