Saturday, January 07, 2012

Goodbye Christmas, Hello New Year

Yes, I know that we are now a week into the new year but December was a crazy month, with a ton of things that kept us super busy. I have to say, I am happy that 2011 is over, as frankly, it sucked. Yep, that's how I honestly felt about last year. It wasn't all bad but I would sum 2011 up as the year of growth as I was pushed way out of my comfort zone a few times. I feel very grateful though, to have the support of family and friends and that's what helped me through the rough times.

I hope that this year is much better. It's hard to say, as we've only gone a week into it but I am as busy as ever. It was actually a very special New Year, as our good friends the B.s came to visit us from CO for the week after Christmas. We really love and miss them and wish we lived closer.

I can't believe that my calendar is already filled for January. I am not one to make resolutions, as I always seem to break them but I have made 2012, the year of organization. Unfortunately for me, I want to do every room and I want to do it NOW!!! I have two separate projects going on in the kid's rooms but really need to focus on getting one room down, before thinking about another. Pinterest isn't helping either, as there are a ton of cute ideas on there.

Since I didn't have time to blog a lot in December, the below pictures were taken from about the middle of December, through New Year's Day. Sorry for the quality as I didn't photoshop any of them, so they are all in original form.

Misc. Christmas 002

As we are on a strict budget, we went easy on the presents this Christmas. I found this cute idea on Pinterest (love that site) and Jerry helped me make it for Gracie's teacher. I love how it turned out and it was super easy to make.

Misc. Christmas 006

Gracie's class dressed up like reindeer for their Christmas program

Misc. Christmas 031

We started a new tradition of going to see "The Nutcracker". Gracie really liked it but it was a tad too long, as she fell asleep during the second half. =)

Tree Shots 011 Copy

Our tree. I went with red and white lights, along with an owl on top. I love how it turned out. Next year, I think we'll have two trees, as this one died fast, since we bought it the day after Thanksgiving.

mis 018

Christmas morning

mis 061

Love this picture of the kids playing with Kyle's new Car's toy

mis 065

Another Pinterest idea. Did I tell you that I love that site. Simple and beautiful table decoration.

mis 085

Kyle and his new rainboots. Too bad it's only been about 80* since Christmas.

mis 146

Happy New Year!!

mis 149

Gracie and B. The cutest bugs ever!

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