Friday, March 30, 2012


I've been looking for some new recipes lately and am trying to find some healthier solutions. In the past, we've always ordered out for our pizza, because it's just easy. I decided that I wanted to try making my own pizza this time around, so after a little research, I found an easy recipe on pinterest. Yes, I needed a recipe for pizza. It was more for the dough, as I wanted to make that homemade too. I didn't know this but I found out that you can buy something called a stone oven, which is supposed to make the pizza cook more evenly. I found one for a great price on Amazon. Love that store!

I bought all my ingredients from the store, which turned out cheaper than ordering out for a pizza and got to work. I have a KitchenAid stand mixer which I haven't used  in forever, so I had to brush the dust off of it. I printed out my dough recipe and got to work. You know what, I LOVE that mixer!! All I had to do was pour the ingredients into the bowl and the mixer did the rest! I am lazy, so have been user the hand mixer but from now on, am using this thing. 

After my dough was mixed and I let it rise for 2 hours, the fun part began. I felt as though I worked in a pizza joint, punching the dough down, pushing and pulling at it. I even tried to do the trick of throwing it in the air. Ummm, yeah, not so much. I definitely need some work in the dough department. Those pizza guys make it look so easy. Finally though, my dough was stretched. It wasn't a perfect circle but it was my circle, lol. Gracie wanted to help, so I let her put on the sauce, cheese and toppings. She had a blast and was a real pro. We finally put the pizza in the oven and after about 10 minutes, it was ready. I have to say, it was really yummy and even more so, because we made it ourselves and with love. We'll definitely be making pizza again for dinner real soon.

Check out those pizza making skills!

It's a little crooked because I couldn't get it to slide off the paper, into the oven but it sure tasted yummy!

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Mom of Three said...

Looks good! I love homemade pizza!