Sunday, April 08, 2012


Our Easter activities started this week with a party in Gracie's class. I love going to Gracie's class parties. Her teacher Ms. B. is so animated and gets the kids really pumped up, regardless of what holiday they are celebrating. This year, the class got a phone call from the Easter bunny who showed up in person. I thought the bunny was really cute, better than the one at the mall (glad I didn't shell out my money for that picture this year) and I was able to get a great picture. The first two pictures were actually taken with my new iPhone, which I finally got, after waiting almost a year. I LOVE my new phone, as I had a Blackberry that was about 4 years old and sucky. It is like going from dial up, to high speed internet. And yes, since we are doing the Dave Ramsey program, I actually saved a little bit of money from each payday for the last few months for my new phone. =)

Last night, we did our tradition of coloring Easter eggs. It's so funny how excited the kiddos get. Jerry did a great job as always and finally figured out how to get those bright vibrant colors on the eggs. This morning, Gracie woke up really early (I heard her little feet padding around) and went to check out her basket. She was so sweet and let mommy and daddy sleep in this morning, since I was up really late making my homemade desserts. When Jerry and I woke up, we found Gracie and Kyle together in Kyle's crib, lol. She had climbed in with him and was playing a game. She had also brought his Easter basket to him. Kyle loved his basket and would not let it go for the whole morning, until Jerry finally took it away from him, after Jerry found Kyle sticking the chocolates in the back of Kyle's bicycle compartment. It's funny because Gracie could take or leave candy but Kyle is the exact opposite. He loves it and would have eaten it all. At one point, I went into the living room and found Kyle surrounded by foil wrappings from his chocolate eggs (see picture below).

In the afternoon, our family came over for dinner. We had tri-tip, veggies, salad, rolls, mashed potatoes and stuffed shells. Yummy!!!  I made all my desserts from scratch and those were pretty darn good too!  It was a very nice day and a beautiful one to rejoice in all the blessings that we have. We did miss our family members who are no longer with us though but I know they were looking down upon us, smiling.

Happy Easter everyone!

My little bunny at her class party

The bunny came to visit Gracie's class. I love this photo and think it turned out better than the pictures at the mall

Love his look upon seeing the first dyed egg

Hunting eggs

Looking for eggs

Kyle's look is priceless

Kyle would not give up his basket and carried it everywhere. Notice all the foil wrapping around him, from eating all his chocolate eggs!

I went with a simple table setting this year

The kids loved putting stickers all over Uncle Peter

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