Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Referral Day

I'm feeling like a bad mom because I completely forgot that it was Gracie's referral day! I logged onto FB this morning, and saw a couple of my travelmates had posted about it. It feels like Gracie has been a part of our lives forever and I forget that she is adopted (obviously), so I am going to give myself a little slack. I also have a few dates in my mind, because this is the same month that we got Kyle and next month is Gracie's forever family day. Anyway, I showed Gracie her picture and she thought it was so cute. She wanted to know why she didn't have eyelashes and why her hair was brown, lol. I told her she didn't really have hair. For this very reason, it's why I am hesistant to ever have it cut because I remember how it took a few years to grow out. Even though I may have forgotten about today being Gracie's referral day, I will remember every single detail of this day from 5 years ago. Just like a mother giving birth to her child, you could say that I gave birth to a picture. I carried Gracie around with me, until the day that she was actually in my arms. I can't believe how much love I have for her and how blessed we are.

As I type this now, Gracie wants me to read it to her. Happy referral day baby, Daddy and I love you very much!


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Mom of Three said...

I forgot too!! I agree that they are just a part of our lives and that as time goes by I think they have always been in our family :)