Wednesday, September 05, 2012

First Grade!

Today was the first day of school for Gracie. I was very anxious about today and I'm not sure why. Last night, I tried to go to bed early, as I knew that morning would come quickly and early, especially after sleeping in all summer. I couldn't sleep though and kept tossing and turning, with butterflies in my stomach. I literally felt like it was going to be the first day of school for me! I knew that Gracie was excited and she was up bright and early this AM (6:30 to be exact), so I decided to drag my sleep deprived body out of bed too. While G. was eating breakfast, a wave of emotion came over me and I felt very sad. It's the strangest thing, as I was totally fine last year, when I sent my little girl off to kinder. Maybe it's because I used to teach kindergarten, so I knew what to expect or the fact that first grade is now serious stuff (kinder is not mandatory in CA), I don't know.

After breakfast, off we went to school. Gracie has two teachers this year, as they are doing what is called team teaching, where they share the classroom. One of the teachers even taught my very good friend's son (who is now 29)! They both seemed very nice and the classroom cozy. I did hang around until the 8am bell rang and then slowly dragged myself away from the class. =)  Home was pretty quiet and Kyle told me a couple of times that he missed his sister. It was a short day though and when I picked Gracie up, she told me that she LOVES first grade and wanted to go back right away. That made me feel much better, so I am looking forward to a new school year.

Of course, we had to do our first day of school tradition, where Gracie and I bake cookies together. Hey, I'm even ahead of myself and have both kids lunches packed for tomorrow! Things are definitely looking good.

Everybody and their brother is doing this idea now but I think it looks cute and will continue up through 12th grade

Gracie couldn't wait to bake cookies

Monday, September 03, 2012

All Good Things Must Come To An End

and unfortunately, I am talking about summer. This summer seems to have flown by! We did a ton of activities this summer, so that could be the reason why. Since Gracie is in school full time during the school year, I wanted this summer to be a time for fun, relaxation and NO schedules! It worked out really well for us and we all had a blast. I didn't blog all summer because I was too busy. When I did have some downtown, I spent it relaxing, so blogging was the last thing on my mind. If I recall, during past summers, I have taken a bloggy break. I think another thing that hasn't helped, is the fact that I got a new phone. I LOVE my phone and the camera in it is awesome, so I use that for almost all of my pictures. I have an app called instagram, in which I can put a filter on the folder. The only downside is, I need to email myself the pictures and then organize them, so that takes time and if I get lazy, it takes a while to go through all the photos and put them together, which means no blogging. But, I digress, back to summer. =)

If you recall, we lost our beloved doggy Wrigley in the spring. Jerry and I decided to get a new dog but what we didn't count on, was getting a puppy. We both knew that we didn't want to buy a dog. There are so many pets in the world that need homes, we decided to rescue one. I looked around and found a great organization, that had a cute Golden Retriever. I filled out the application but unfortunately, the dog had a medical problem and was taken off the adoption list. So, I looked around some more and found a cute puppy that was a lab mix with another organization. We met the puppy and ended up adopting him. Even though we both said we didn't want a puppy, we went for it. Let me tell you, puppies are a lot of work! Holy cow, I've never had a baby but this seems pretty to close one. Since M. was only 8 weeks old when we got him, I had to take him out to potty every 20 - 30 minutes, wake up 2 to 3 times in the middle of the night to take him to the bathroom and I had to follow M. all over the house to make sure he wasn't chewing anything that doesn't belong in puppies mouths. It took a while but we got the hang of things. M. is now older and potty trained so that helps a ton. He is a lab though which means TONS of energy and lots of chewing! Gracie loves him very much, Kyle, not so much.

I do have to say one thing regarding the rescue. If you ever decide to rescue an animal, make sure that they are a real non-profit organizaiton. Even though I did a ton of research, I found out that the people claiming to be a non-profit rescue,  who we adopted M. from, really weren't. It's really sad and disgusts me that there are people out there who pose as rescuers.

Our new puppy. He's a lot bigger now.

Here are some of the activites that we did this summer.

Gracie and Kyle at the beach

We went to Disneyland a lot this summer. I sucked it up and bought the higher passes, so we could go. We were able to get an early entry pass to Carsland and go on all the rides there. We didn't have to wait a long time for the rides but on most days, the wait time is 2 hours plus. Gotta tell you that it's not worth it and I would wait until the hype dies down before going again

We did swim lessons again. Gracie is becoming an awesome swimmer and loves to snorkle in the pool.

Fun with Daddy in the backyard pool

I took G. to the Legoland water park. It was small but she didn't mind. The best part was, I could sit on my chair and sun, while watching her play.

Orange County Fair. Never again, even though I said that last time. Way too hot and way too expensive!!

The San Diego Zoo had what they call nighttime at the zoo, in which the theme was China, so we went with my brother and SIL. It was warm, with lots of hills but the kids had fun.


Gracie also learned how to ride her bike without training wheels. We are so proud of her and she is a whiz on her bike now.

With all the fun things we did this summer, who couldn't resist a nap?!