Wednesday, September 05, 2012

First Grade!

Today was the first day of school for Gracie. I was very anxious about today and I'm not sure why. Last night, I tried to go to bed early, as I knew that morning would come quickly and early, especially after sleeping in all summer. I couldn't sleep though and kept tossing and turning, with butterflies in my stomach. I literally felt like it was going to be the first day of school for me! I knew that Gracie was excited and she was up bright and early this AM (6:30 to be exact), so I decided to drag my sleep deprived body out of bed too. While G. was eating breakfast, a wave of emotion came over me and I felt very sad. It's the strangest thing, as I was totally fine last year, when I sent my little girl off to kinder. Maybe it's because I used to teach kindergarten, so I knew what to expect or the fact that first grade is now serious stuff (kinder is not mandatory in CA), I don't know.

After breakfast, off we went to school. Gracie has two teachers this year, as they are doing what is called team teaching, where they share the classroom. One of the teachers even taught my very good friend's son (who is now 29)! They both seemed very nice and the classroom cozy. I did hang around until the 8am bell rang and then slowly dragged myself away from the class. =)  Home was pretty quiet and Kyle told me a couple of times that he missed his sister. It was a short day though and when I picked Gracie up, she told me that she LOVES first grade and wanted to go back right away. That made me feel much better, so I am looking forward to a new school year.

Of course, we had to do our first day of school tradition, where Gracie and I bake cookies together. Hey, I'm even ahead of myself and have both kids lunches packed for tomorrow! Things are definitely looking good.

Everybody and their brother is doing this idea now but I think it looks cute and will continue up through 12th grade

Gracie couldn't wait to bake cookies


Susan said...

haha! I just saw your blog post but when you put this on facebook I thought it was so funny that I had 3 posts in a row with friends using their kids pic and the exact same sign. It is a really cute idea though. Maybe I'll do it too.

Glad Gracie likes 1st grade! you'll get used to it eventually.

Mom of Three said...

She's is such a cutie and it definitely gets better!