Monday, November 12, 2012

First Lost Tooth

Gracie has had a loose tooth for a while now. The dentist had originally told us, that Gracie probably wouldn't lose any teeth until she was around 6.5. Before Gracie's tooth got loose, every day, she would wish, hope and dream that she would lose a tooth! I was checking my kid's mouth literally every day for loose teeth! So when this one started to Wiggle, G. was VERY excited. I had read online that it migh take a while to fall out, so I thought nothing of it and would check it from time to time. Then, after a fun day at the movies and eating tons of popcorn, Gracie came to us and said that her tooth was hurting. Jerry and I checked and the tooth was about to fall out! She kind of panicked but kept calm and Jerry being the man that he is, told her he would pull it out but she did not like that idea, so she settled for some apple slices instead.  I was worried that Gracie would swallow her tooth, so I told her to bite carefully, as I had visions of me checking poop for that darn tooth! About a minute after giving her an apple slice, we heard yelling from the kitchen. Sitting there in the apple was Gracie's tooth, along with a little bit of blood. I think between the blood and excitement of her tooth being gone, Gracie burst out crying. That in turn, made me start crying. I think I was so emotional because it's an actual physical sign of my baby girl growing up.  After, Gracie was fine and very excited about the prospect of the tooth fairy coming, which she did and brought a note, along with some money.  Gracie now has a second tooth right next to where the first one was, that is very loose. We are pros now, so know what to expect.