Thursday, May 02, 2013

Referral Day!

Six years ago today, we got the phone call that changed our lives forever. Our beautiful baby girl, was referred to our family and I can't believe how lucky we are. We were so nervous before the call and when we found out we were referred a girl, were truly surprised, as we had put down on our paperwork, that we would take a boy or girl. I knew it was meant to be, when I found out that Gracie's birthday fell upon my lucky number and in my favorite month. =) When I showed Gracie her referral picture tonight, she said "Hey, I don't have any hair, I look like Daddy!". I am proud to report that today, Gracie has hair that almost touches her waist, so she is no longer hairless, lol. Daddy on the other hand, is a completely different story. ;)

Gracie Referral Lightroom

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