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Resources For Parents 

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Resources To Navigate Turner Syndrome 

You have learned that your daughter has been diagnosed With Turner Syndrome; now, you want to know what is the next step. Below are some websites that Founder Nicole Cleveland finds helpful in navigating her diagnosis. . 

The Turner syndrome Society of the United 

The Turner Syndrome Society of the United States is an excellent resource for parents to learn more and have the tools to be an advocate for their children. 

Turner Syndrome Foundation 

The Turner Syndrome foundation is another great place for information and ways to spread awareness. 

Ragdolls UK

Great place for those living across the pound for support and encouragement 

 Podcast and Blogs 

Several great podcasts and blogs are beneficial in understanding the lives of those living with this Turner Syndrome. Found  was honored to be a guest on the Turner Syndrome Talk and tea Podcast. 

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