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5 Ideas to Spark Joy and Give Comfort to Your Life

I often get asked how I stay so positive all the time. I get asked don't you ever get mad or depressed. Of course, I do; the honest answer is; that I am only human, after all. I choose to look for the good in people and find outlets that spark joy in my life and bring me comfort when facing those challenging moments. For us who face a genetic medical condition, staying positive and calm is critical. It is not easy as we are human, and with that, we will overreact and stress out, leading to so much time wasted on issues often outside our control.

I wanted to focus this week's blog on five ideas that I use to bring me joy and comfort when life is too much for me, and I need to recharge.

1) leaning on my faith ever since I could remember. Faith has been the foundation of my life and has given me the strength when faced with uncertainty. One of the reasons I wrote about my faith in my upcoming book is that it has been my strength and one of the reasons I have a positive outlook on life.

2) Reading my favorite book. When I feel like escaping the "real world," I love to read a great novel that makes you forget about your problems just for a little while.

3) Kitchen time: My mom was a fantastic baker and cook; my favorite memories with her are the times we spent jamming out to The Beatles and laughing at the mess we made. For many months after her passing, I could not bring myself to bake. It was just too hard. I would see her handwriting on her recipes cards, and I couldn't do it. I would cry and get so upset. Then I would think of all the times we had and all the advice given over the years, and baking was a way for me to be closer to her again and bring me comfort.

4) Going outside. When I get stressed out and in a funk, a change in scenery is always helpful and brings a new perspective.

5) I find things to be thankful for, simple everyday items like my favorite cup of coffee from my favorite coffee shop. When I do this, I focus on the good things and less on the stressful parts of my day. It helps me stay positive and be grateful for what I already have in my life.

These are just a few ways that I recharge and stay positive in my life, and I hope they will bring you joy and comfort. What are some ways you relax ?


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