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A New Year Means New Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone and I hope you all had a blessed and wonderful holiday. As you all know I took a break from blogging over the Holidays to spend with family and some time to catch up with friends, however, it is nice to be back to it. As we enter the New Year full of new possibilities, I wanted to focus today on New Year’s resolutions. I know some of you may not believe in resolutions or thinking I never make them as I never stick to them.

You are not alone according to Google over 80 % of people usually fail at their New Year’s Resolution within six weeks and I myself have trouble sticking to them, or I will often set some unrealistic goals for myself and feel let down when that goal is not achieved. So this year I decided to be for more simple in my goals and that is to cut out soda and increase my vegetable and fruit intake more and cut back on carbs. I love my pasta and breads, so the cutting Carbs part has been the hardest for me this for. I am also I admit a stress eater and with my first book deadline approaching I admit there is added stress. I am determined to be the 20 % who stick to their Resolution this year. Here are 5 ways that could help you stick to those resolutions this year

1. Write it down

2. Tell people who you are close to of your goals and your resolutions

3. Reward yourself when each of your goals are reached

4. Know that you are human and set back will happen, don’t give up after your first set back

5. Don’t think it’s too late to start a Resolution today, who says at the stroke of midnight on January1st you have to it all ready to go.

I will follow up with you all after the six weeks to let you know how it is going. I also want to hear from you, what are your resolutions are goals for this year? Let me know by following me on Social media are visiting my website, I would love to hear from you. Happy 2022

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