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Big Mood: An Honest View on Mental Health

Dearest gentle readers, as we await part two of season 3 of Bridgerton, I wanted to bring your attention to one of the best new shows I have watched in a very long time, Big Mood. If you live in the States, you can watch it on Tubi. Big Mood stars Bridgerton's own Nicola Coughlan, who puts down her quill as Lady Whistledown to become a modern-day playwright. Maggie (Coughlan) feels the medication she is taking for her Bipolar disorder is hindering her creative flow and decides to end her medication suddenly. Doing so causes her to experience manic episodes, which strongly impact her relationship with her best friend, Eddie (Lydia West), and her family and friends.

As a millennial, I find it rare to see our generation portrayed so honestly on screen. It is even rarer that we get an authentic portrayal of mental health on screen. Big Mood is a trail-blazing show that shows how mental health impacts not only the person who suffers but also the loved ones who try to be their support force when they are struggling. Camila Whitehill has written such complex yet relatable characters with grace and humor. She has opened our eyes and maybe helped others seek treatment and even show more empathy to those who struggle every day.

The amazing and talented Nicola Coughlin and Lydia West bring Camila's phenomenal writing to life. I loved their chemistry and how sometimes soulmates can be platonic as well. I hope they get a second season because this is so needed today. So as we are awaiting Bridgerton to return. For the steamy mirror scenes, secret revelations, and who wins the Featherington baby race of 1815, take some time over the next eight days to watch the entire six episodes of Big Mood in the States and Channel 4 in the UK now.



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