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Fear Of The Unknown

Hi all and happy Sunday. As I have been doing interviews this month to spread awareness one of the most common questions I have been getting is how do you handle the unknown issues that come with Turner Syndrome? This is got me thinking of not only how I personally handle the unknown of this disorder but how we all handle the unknowns in our lives and often how fear of the unknown prevents us from reaching our goals in life.

How often does fear and uncertainty keep you from seeking out your goals? I know personally, I have taken a step back on certain things because I was concerned that I would fail. Example writing my first book. I was terrified it wouldn't get published and also would not receive positive feedback. I was putting myself out there letting the world know of my disorder. Fear is a very powerful emotion and can truly be hard to overcome and it has impacted me a number of times. Then I often read this quote from my favorite actor Michael J.Fox " There's always failure and disappointment. And there's Always loss, and realizing none of those holes are vacuums." basically just means don't let those emotions consume you and keep you for living life to the fullest. I often read this when I am considering a major life change in my life like writing a book.

It is just simple words but it puts things in perspective and makes you reexamine your decision. Not only did I submit my book to two publishing companies it was accepted by both. They both said it was extremely well written. I overcame my fear and it paid off and opened doors I never knew I wanted to open. Now I have been on the opposite side of this as well. When I decided to take a leap and it didn't go as I hoped.

I choose to look at those times as learning experiences and grow from them. I do the same with the unknowns of my disorder and there is often a lot of them as you navigate it and more research is done on Turner Syndrome. My parents could have let fear take over when they were told of an infant child being special needs and never being able to walk without braces instead they left me to have those important childhood experiences and with that gave me every opportunity to do things that at birth almost certainly seemed impossible.

We all have fears and uncertainty in our lives every day it is how we handle it that defines us not whether we fail or not. So the next time you feel your fear becoming a vacuum just take a deep breath and remember you are a butterfly so get out there a spread your wings and don't be afraid when you don't land on your two feet every time.

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