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Finding Tikvah

Last week I attended a fantastic event in my community, The Choose You Choose US Christian Women Retreat. I was one of 400 women who came together to celebrate the beauty and hope that faith provides. During the retreat, one word kept standing out to me Tikvah. For those that don't know the word, it means to hope in Hebrew. I started thinking about how often I had hoped throughout living with this disorder. How often do I have hope for things outside of my control? How often have I hoped I never was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome and been angry about what this disorder had taken from me over the years. How often, I had been overjoyed for friends who have become mothers but heartbroken that I can not have children of my own. I could go on, but we all face those moments when we lose faith and hope— when we ask why, God.

This week,, I wanted to focus on finding your Tikvah (hope) in your life and learning to count God's blessing can be a challenge as we often pray and lean on God when we need or want something. Praying for the promotion, new car, to pass the exam we have all been there, including me. We often overlook the blessing that God has already given us, the little things that go unnoticed. We Also want the answers or quick fix right away and get frustrated when God doesn't seem to answer.

I see this all the time on my social media pages the frustration that God doesn't seem to answer our prayers. I have learned that God sometimes doesn't give you the answers you may want but gives you the answers you need. What I mean is that sometimes what God provides you is a teachable moment, a moment to learn that Tikvah that hope that he will guide you through those storms.

It is often not easy, especially when living with Turner Syndrome. We often feel like we have been dealt an unfair hand. Like I said before, being unable to have children, I think that only 1% of girls with Turner Syndrome survive to full term and that God wanted me on this earth for a purpose. I think of this, and that guides me to be an advocate and share my message with others. I hope that God has a plan for my life, and I need to do as it says in the bible be still and know that in time he will show me the answers.

As we enter Resurrection week, I challenge you to find your Tikvah to find hope that anything is possible if you lean on your faith. In my life, relying on faith has given me the strength to face the struggles I have been given and hope that the best days are always ahead of me. I hope that finding your Tikvah will do the same for you.

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