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Finding Your Team

Yes, I know Sunday is followed by the most hated day of the week Monday and that means for many of us that it’s time to head back to the office or school. For me, Sunday is usually my favorite day of the week. I know what you are thinking she is crazy. I enjoy it for many reasons.I start it by going to church, I attend Sunnybrook Community Church in Sioux City and then we go out to dinner. It’s a time for me to reflect on what is important and it always makes me feel like I am ready to concur with whatever the week ahead has in store for me

Since I work often on Saturdays it is also my time to make sure I am enjoying some self-care too. It is my time to relax and catch up on the never-ending to-do list and spend some time with friends. Today millions will be sitting around the TV watching the Super Bowl with family and friends me included. That is what got me thinking about my topic for Today’s blog. The topic is establishing a support system and how it is so important in your life even more so when you face the health challenges we face with Turner Syndrome.

I know we are butterflies and we sore most days but the days we face challenges and feel like going back into our cocoon is when we need to learn it is ok to ask for help. It is ok to say at times I need to lean on you for a bit is that ok? We need to understand that at times we simply are not going to be ok and that is ok. last year with the passing of my beloved mom I certainly wanted to hide from the world and just not face the facts that iI had to learn how to move forward in my life without my mom by my side. I would learn that having a support system of family and friends is what gets you through the darkest days.

It is also just as important to have a support system when you reach those milestones in your life. As we watch the men and women in the Olympics or the men in the Super Bowl today they always talk about their support system and how they couldn't accomplish the goals they set for themselves if it wasn't for the support system in the good times and bad times.

As you navigate this disorder or any health battle you may face it is always key to have a good support system in place. Be open and honest with your family and friends let them help pick you up when you fall and lift you up when you need it. As you cheer for your favorite team today remember to have your own team helping you along the way

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