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Hallmark's Srtive For Inclusion Shines in Color My World With Love

If you follow my blog, you know I am a big Hallmark Channel fan and even subscribe to Hallmark Movies Now. When I heard that Hallmark was airing a movie that focused on a relationship of a Down Syndrome couple, I was thrilled. Growing up with a Chromosal Disorder of Turner Syndrome, I always wished that companies like Hallmark would share stories and shine a light on those living with disabilities and show just how amazing we are. So often in movies, those with "special needs" are stereotyped and ill-represented. It is infrequent we see ourselves portrayed in a positive and healthy light.

Sunday night, Hallmark's Color My World Me With Love aired. It was all I had hoped for and more. It was beautifully written and portrayed. Fair warning spoilers ahead. It highlights just how amazing and full of love those in the Down Syndrome Community genuinely are. One of those moments that, for me, was indeed the most touching and most relatable was a scene when Kendal, the Bride-to-be, brings her mom to a dress shop to try on a wedding dress. All is normal and going great until Kendal, who has Down Syndrome, wants a particular type of dress. The clerk says, "sorry, but it will take months, maybe even longer, for special shapes." She was, in the words of Kendal, nasty.

I related to this so much, as most girls with Turner Syndrome often run into this issue. I know I had to pick out a prom dress almost a year in advance to get it to alter and to fit right. I appreciated them sharing a little of that and bringing a little insight into what our daily lives are like. What also touched me was how Kendal responded to the clerk. She said, "You know you were mean to me, but Brad (her Fiancé) says we must all love one another, and you might be having a bad day, so I forgive you:" and hugged her. Her mom says in the movie I am trying to look at life like Kendal.

I love that quote as it perfectly expresses the sweetness and kindness of those impacted with Down Syndrome; they have a fantastic way of trusting and positively seeing the world. Living with the chromosomal disorder, we have more empathy towards others as we struggle for acceptance and understanding. We work for people to see who we are and that we have the same dreams, wants, and goals as anyone else and can achieve more than others could ever imagine.

The overall takeaway from this fantastic movie is that with acceptance, understanding, and empathy, the world is truly a wonderful place, and we should all try to live a little more like Kendal. Check your local listing for Color My World With Love on Hallmarks Movie Channel.



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