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Learning The Art of Self -Care

As we are a week out from Christmas I wanted to focus this blog on something that as butterflies and simply as women we need to learn to do more often and that is the taking time for self-care. If you are like me I am on the go a lot and seem busy juggling a millions things at once. I often don’t take the time for myself and even often feel guilty if I do. I literally haven’t even wrapped Christmas gifts yet. Finally a couple of weeks ago I took a Saturday away from my computer, social media, and my phone it was fantastic and highly recommend it for even just a few hours at least. I took the time to read

a book that I brought and never got around to read, I went to the hair salon and caught up on Yellowstone. Yes I am one of those millions of people who turn in to watch this show. It made me relax and feel recharged and ready to take on the next week.

I did because frankly I needed it and with Turner Syndrome we are risk for having high anxiety. If I am being honest I know I have high anxiety and stress out about things that are often out of my control. So for this week’s blog I wanted to list 10 helpful ways to cut the stress and manage self-care.

1) Exercise

2) Meditate

3) Lean on your support group friends and family

4) Avoid unhealthy habits like stress eating ( I am guilty of this one )

5) Help others in need I know it always makes me feel better and gives prospective

6) Learn to say no it is ok to turn down that invitation and say sorry but now is not a good time

7) Taking the time just for you Take that vacation or even just unplugged for a few hours like I did.

8) Make sure you get the rest your body needs

9) Listen to your body and notice the signs your body will let you know

10) Organize and set goals and it will help to manage your busy schedules better

These are just some common ways to help practice self-care I urge you to find something that fits for you. Everyone manages stress differently but as butterflies with risk factors it is important we find a healthy way to manage the day-to-day stress in our lives and know it is ok to simply say I'm exhausted and need some me time. Over this holiday season instead of stressing out trying to get everything done on your list remember to focus on what is truly important the reason for the season, family and friends and know that not everything has to be perfect your family and friends just want you not the perfect gift wrapped in fancy bows, just for you being present with them. So take a deep breath and enjoy the blessing this times of year brings and Merry Christmas

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