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Meet Emily Our Butterfly of the Month For May

Those in the Turner Syndrome world will likely know Emily from her exciting and engaging Podcast Turner Syndrome Talk and Tea, Which has played in over 30 countries, including many parts of the United States. I was honored recently to be a guest on this program, and it was genuinely engaging and, most importantly, gave personal and authentic experiences for people living with TS. But besides her podcast, Emily is very active with the Turner Syndrome Society in the United Kingdom and genuinely passionate about raising awareness, even doing some swimming challenges to raise funds for The Turner Syndrome Society in the UK, which is simply amazing. I Interviewed Emily recently about her experience with Turner Syndrome, her advice for others, and getting to know a little more about her.

diagnose at nine months old , she says that the most challenging part of living with Turner Syndrome is infertility. Many of us can certainly relate to that. I know I can.

When asked what advice she would give to those just diagnosed, Take one day at a time. Make sure you research from reliable sources. The UK has an excellent society and a wealth of accurate information. she says to visit websites like

When asked what she wishes others would understand about living with TS, you/your daughter will live as everyday life as anyone else, and Turners will not stop you from doing that. It might throw a few curveballs, but it does not prevent you from living a fulfilled life. If anything, it makes us live a more fulfilled life as we are very compassionate/ empathetic people. I could not agree more.

Now Who is Emily

Podcast host and Tuner Syndrome Advocate

her favorite Color is Purple

Favorite TV Show Ted Lasso

Now being from the States, I could not finish my interview without asking her about visiting the Uk and asking her. Her favorite place to stay? It is London as it has so much to offer.

Emily is a fascinating and fun person to visit with and has proven that Tuner Syndrome has not stopped her from positively impacting the Turner Syndrome community and lifting others

I encourage you all to follow Tuner Syndrome Talk and Tea to learn about her inspiring conversations with guests.

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