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Milestones are those moments in your life that you will never forget, life-changing moments. We have undoubtedly had these and are likely thinking of these moments right now. One of these moments happened to me this past weekend. I finally released my first book, The Butterfly Chronicles Finding God's Purpose Living with a Rare Genetic Disorder. This was a moment that I have been working toward for over two years. So seeing it come to reality was overwhelming.

It was an exciting moment to see my book for sale online, but it was also nerve-racking. This wasn't a fictional story with unknown characters. This was my personal story, and I genuinely share a rare glimpse into my personal life. That was very scary for me as I am a very private person and rarely talked about living with Turner Syndrome before this. To share this with the world is not easy. This process took me more than two years to write as I did a lot of self-reflection and personally doubted if my story was compelling enough to share with the world.

Yes, I had some unique experiences in my life that friends were interested in

. Still, I am not a celebrity, and my personal story in my mind would not be as compelling as a Britteny Spears Memoir, but I thought I would give it a good old fashion try. As I shared it with friends and family, the feedback was positive and encouraging. I took the next step by submitting it to two publishers and was accepted by both. I was thrilled, and then the hard work truly began with deadlines and media appearances. It was a busy and exciting time but also stressful.

Now it is here for you all to read and hopefully take from it words of encouragement and know that God truly has a plan for your life despite what life hands you. It is available online now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books and Million, and Walmart. I hope you will consider grabbing a copy.

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