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Praying for Our Ukraine Butterflies

Over the past several days, like many of you, I have seen the horrific images and reports coming out of the war in Ukraine, and it is heartbreaking. Like so many around the world, I felt helpless and wanted a way to help the resilient people of Ukraine. At the time I am writing this, over a million Ukrainians have been forced to leave their homes and treasured belongings to flee to an unknown Nation where they likely don't know the language and are now forced to start a new life, uncertain if they will ever return to what will always be home. To add to the horrible uncertainty, many are forced to leave loved ones who are staying to fight for the freedom of all Ukrainians. They are in dire need of food, water, medical supplies, clothing, shelter, and certainly our prayers.

When hearing of the reports that there was a lack of medical supplies, I could not help but think of my fellow butterflies in Ukraine who need medication and treatments daily to be able to live a healthy life now they are scrambling to get medical supplies and medication that are almost all being used on the front lines of the war to treat the citizens who are being injured by the bombing in the major cities in Ukraine. I could not sit back in silence while I knew so many innocent men, women, and children were being attacked and killed each day over a deranged man's thirst for power and glory. Like Jimmy Hendrix said, " when the power of love overcomes the love of power, we will know peace" Like many of you, I wanted to do more. Over the past few days, I researched some amazing nonprofits, Nongovernmental organizations, and companies stepping up and launching humanitarian aid efforts in Ukraine. I have shared a few with you today.

International Red Cross

Door County candle Ukraine candle

Sunflower of Peace

If you can help in any way, even a small donation will make a difference in the lives of those in the greatest need. If you can't donate, please take a few moments to include all Ukrainians in your prayers and for reason, freedom, and peace to soon prevail. I stand with Ukraine and hope you will too.

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