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Prepare For the Carriage Ride Of Your Life.

Happy Valentine's Day, Butterflies. If you are a Bridgerton fan like myself, today you were in for a special treat as we got a sneak peek of Season 3 of Bridgerton with several members of the cast, including our Season 3 leads Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan. We have a new clip that I won't give spoilers to but will be posted on my Instagram @thebuttferly_chronicles later today, so if you have yet to follow, head over and give me a follow. Today, we also got a lot of fun content and stunning new pictures from Netflix. The fan event was just what diehard fans of the Book and show needed. Can you believe it has been almost two years since we were told we were getting Polin Season for Season 3? Now, I love all the Bridgerton Books from the series, but my favorite has to be Romancing Mr. Bridgerton, which is what this upcoming season is based on. If you haven't read it, you have until May, so I recommend it. You will love it, and it will tie you over until we get a full trailer in March or April.

The one detail aside from the new clip was dropping the episode titles. As we know, there is always an episode that is a nod to the Book, like episode six is entitled Romancing Mr Bridgerton. Each Epidosde title is an easter egg for what we can expect for the episode. I thought it would be fun to write what I think will happen in each episode based on the titles.

3:01Out of the Shadows

Colin will return from his travels early, missing Pen and disheartened that she never responded to a single letter. He will be greeted by his family, who are preparing for Fran's debut. We will see The Featheringtons announce Prudence's engagement to Harry Danworth. Looking at the photos, which I will also share later, it looks like the Queen may welcome the Ton back for the season after the presentation. That is when Pen sees that Colin is back and is upset. She was not expecting to see him as she thought he would be away for the season. I believe Lady Danbury will notice this and will offer to help Pen. After all, they strike up a strong friendship in the book. After considering her offer, she will look at the dresses in her wardrobe and decide it's time for her to have a mild makeover. We will see Anthony learning to lean on his brothers more and more, as Benedict was likely taking over more duties while Kate and Anthony were on their Honeymoon. We will have the Danbury Ball and Pen. She will be frustrated by how, even with the new wardrobe, she still has difficulty securing a gentleman's attention and will try to slip out of the ball early, but Colin will follow her, and we will have the moment she confronts him. We will end with Colin likely offering her his help in securing a match.

3:02 How Bright the Moon

We know that the moon, like lighthouses, was vital in helping sailors "Colin" navigate harsh seas, aiding in guiding them home. Could Colin realize during these lessons that Pen is his home, why he came home early, and why he is determined to win her friendship back? We will have two key moments from the Book: the first kiss and the hand injury. Today, Nicola and Luke were interviewed, saying things happen quickly. Will we have Violet's birthday party?

3:03 Forces of Nature

We will see Lord Debling enter into the picture as a serious suitor and shake Colin to his core. I also think we will have Eloise navigating the marriage mart but on her terms and will come to understand Pen's point of view more. Meaning she realized how hard it was for her. We could see the start of an understanding between them, but they are not fully back as friends yet. Judging by the Photos, we will also have the Symthe Smith musicale.

3:04 Old Friends

I think this is the episode when Pen and El fully reconcile. It also could mean someone from Lady Danbury's past will return, leaving her unsure how to move forward. I think we will see Colin and Eloise have a heart-to-heart about his feelings for Pen. I also believe we will have the confrontation of Colin's discovery of Pen being Lady Whistledown and his demanding She enters the carriage." I think it is more of a love declaration in the Carriage scene. Luke, when asked what word to describe the carriage scene, said intimatel.

3:05 Tik Tok

I am one for symbolism, and the Clock symbolizes the passage of life. I think we will see Colin Proposing and his brothers being very unhelpful. Then, the proposal is announced to each family. Pen is learning to understand she will have more eyes than ever now that Colin and her are engaged and the trials of learning to adjust to that. I think we will have the Engagement Ball and the important mirror scene.

3:06 Romancing Mr Bridgerton

We will have the bachelor party and a bridal shower. I think we will see them each get advice on Marriage relations. We will have a wedding, which could even be a double one. 3:07 Joining Hands

we will see Colin and Pen settle in Bloomsbury blissfully happy and El adjusting to this new dynamic. I think we will see a threat on Lady Whistledown.

3:08 into the Light

I think we will have the mask ball, and Ben will meet Sophie, and he will take over as lead for season 4. It could also mean that Pen is unmasked as Lady Whistledown to the Ton or maybe just to the Bridgerton family. I would love Colin and Pen to write the column together; it would be a true partnership next season since both are great writers.

These are some of my thoughts, but I would love to hear yours. What are you most looking forward to in season 3, and what do you think these titles could mean?

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