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This Sunday's sauce is one no one can refuse.

You might be surprised that this hallmark-loving and romance novel enthusiast's favorite movie is The Godfather. I have watched it more times than I can count and have quoted it just as much:" Leave the gun, take the cannoli." Few movies have been as deeply ingrained in pop culture as this one, which paved the way for many of today's most extraordinary talents, such as Diane Keaton and Al Pacino. I recently came across the Clemenza Special Sunday Sauce recipe and had to try it. All I can say is you will never buy sauce from a jar again, and it will leave your family and friends asking for seconds. Although Clemenza doesn't give exact measurements, we can interpret them by watching this classic film. Before Clemenza teaches Michael the secret recipe, we see him add a 28 oz can of tomato sauce and 28 oz diced tomatoes to a large pot. Then, of course, he says, "You add a little bit of oil, fry the garlic, then throw in some tomatoes and tomato paste you shove in all your sausage and your meatballs heh and a little bit of wine a o' a little bit a sugar and that's my trick." So, based on this scene, below are the ingredients for making Clemenza's Special Sunday Sauce

The Godfather's Special Sunday Sauce

Your Ingredients

  • 2-3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

  • 2 to 4 cloves of garlic, minced

  • One 28-ounce can of diced tomatoes

  • One 28-ounce can of can of tomato sauce

  • One 6-ounce can of tomato paste

  • 12 ounces chocolate chips or chunks

  • 1 pound of Italian sausage cooked

  • 1 pound of homemade meatballs cooked

  • 1/4 cup sugar

  • a splash of red wine


  1. In a large pot, heat a pan over medium to low heat. Once hot, add minced garlic. Fry the garlic until golden brown; be sure to avoid burning. Garlic will fry in about 30 seconds, so watch it.

  2. Add tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, and tomato paste to the pot. Stir and combine with the garlic and oil.

  3. Bring the sauce to a boil and add whole or cut Italian sausage and homemade meatballs. I bought mine fresh from the HyVee meat counter, which was terrific. I also used frozen meatballs, but feel free to make your own.

  4. Add a splash of red wine like a Cabernet or Pinot Noir, and Fish off the sauce with 1/4 cup sugar.

In terms of cooking time, Sunday Sauce takes several hours, up to eight hours in total. Although served quickly in The Godfather, it should simmer for at least a few hours before adding the meat to the sauce. I did it for about 3 hours.

Serve it with a classic Caesar salad, and, of course, don't forget the Canolli for dessert.; it will be a family favorite for years to come. For recipes like this, click subscribe to have more recipes like this sent to your email.



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