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The Butterfly Chronicles Stands with Israel

Over the past few weeks, like most of you, 'I have been trying to process the horrific events happening in Israel. I have been full of emotions, in all honestly, varying degrees of anger and sadness. It has also left me asking why there is so much evil and such an escalation of antisemitism worldwide at levels we have not seen since WW2.

The stories and images coming out of Israel are unimaginable. Whether you are Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, Agonistic, or Christian like me, we can all agree that there is no place to accept or allow this type of evil in the world. I may be one person, but I know I am one of many, so I could not stay silent. The Jewish people are some of the most unique, brave, welcoming, and kind people I have ever met.

For an assignment for my college education course 14 years ago was to have a multicultural experience. Our Professor wanted to expose us to different cultures in our community. I was excited to visit a Synagogue for a weekly service. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The Hebrew language is beautiful, and they welcomed me with open arms and even invited me to dinner afterward, and I happily accepted. The few hours I spent with this small group of lively and unique people opened my eyes and deepened my understanding of how, despite the overwhelming adversity the Jewish people have had to face for thousands of years,

they are still full of hope and joy and live their lives to help those around them.

Now, the Jewish community needs our support and understanding more than ever. They need our prayers, and if you can support them financially, they need medical aid, food, and daily supplies. I watched a news report last night on 60 Minutes that the situation is so dire there that Doctors have used cell phone flashlights and vinegar to treat the thousands of wounded as they have run out of medical supplies.

This was just one of the horrific stories reported out of Israel. Many more will be heard over the weeks, months, and likely years ahead. When the United States was unjustifiably attacked on September 11, 2001, the world united behind us and joined in our fight against the evils of terrorism. Israel was one of our biggest supporters. Now, the United States must stand behind the people of Israel as they fight for survival. Please give what you can, and if not, pray for peace (shalom), pray for hope (Tikvah), healing (Rapha), and strength (kaokh). Let them know that they are not alone.


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