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The Good Doctor Takes on Turner's and My First National Interview

Monday night and throughout the past week, many of you texted and sent Facebook and Instagram messages asking if I had watched The Good Doctor's latest episode, Half Measures,featuring baby Eden an infant with Turner Syndrome. Most unfamiliariar with TS asked me if this was a good portrayal of the disorder. So I thought I would give my opinion on what I thought of this episode. if you haven't seen it warning spoiler's ahead.

In this episode, Dr. Reznick played by the very talented Fiona Guelmann comes across an infant girl named Eden who is in heart failure. When examing her, they determine she has Turner Syndrome. Sadly the infant's mother is very ill and unable to sign off on a course of treatment for baby Eden. While debating how to save her life, they determine surgery rather than treat her with medications, worried that her homeless mother could no take care of her. In a heartbreaking moment in the show, the mother passes away, leaving an uncertain future for baby Eden.

The story is set to continue and I am thrilled to see that it will In the past when shows such as Law and Order touched on TS it is often not portrayed in a positive or accurate light. The Good Doctor did a fantastic job scratching the surface of this complex disorder and did so with careful thought to the TS community and I am so proud of how it turned out I am also excited to see the continuation of baby Eden's story on this fantastic show The more awareness we can bring to TS the better we are for it, and the more research and access to medical care can be achieved.

That is the main reason I have been an advocate for TS for so many years is I have a goal of bringing more understanding and acceptance for those living with this on a daily basis I often say I don't want the first question asked when I tell people that I have Turner Syndrome to be what is it and sadly that is often the case .So when I had the opportunity to share my story on a national scale. I was honored to join Fox News contributors Rachel and Sean Duffy's Podcast from the Kitchen Table this past week In this interview I share my journey with living with this disorder and how it impacted my life and my hopes for awareness and deeper understanding of those living with this complex disorder This was my first National interview, and to be honest, it was scary being so vulnerable on a national platform as big as Fox News. Still, as I did this, I realized that being vulnerable, as scary as it was for me, is also helping those living with this like me feel less alone and find hope that despite the struggles you can still reach your dreams no matter how far at times they may seem. I want to thank Fox News for providing a platform to share my story and also the Good Doctor for bringing attention to Turner Syndrome and hope you will join me in following Eden's story tomorrow night on ABC.

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