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Women History Month time to celebrate the Wonder Woman in You.

As we all know, March is Women History Month, and I wanted to use my last weekly blog of March to reflect on the amazing women who inspire me, and that is my fellow butterflies. I have loved reading your emails and stories, and they are truly inspiring. We often reflect on the women who have broken the glass ceiling and made history, and we should. I am thankful for the women who came before me and made it possible for me to reach my goals. Just over 100 years ago, women achieved the right to vote. Now, we have the first woman to serve as Vice President. I had the honor three years ago to attend the inauguration of our first woman Governor of my state, the great state of Iowa. To see Kim Reynolds make history was unique; I was beyond proud of her. and our state. I am thrilled that these women are paving a path forward for us to follow. It is also essential that we take the time to reflect on the millions of women making a difference in their communities every day.

That is the reason I launched the Butterfly of the month feature. Details are in last week's blog. I have been reading your emails all week, and each one has been inspiring. I wanted to take a moment to celebrate and know that each of you is making a difference and should be proud of what you have accomplished and take a moment to sit back and reflect on it. Please take a moment to pat yourself on the back and soak it all when you have earned it. As women, we tend to skip this part.

In my opinion, Women's history month is more than celebrating the women who paved the way for us is about making sure we honor them by taking those leaps. Saying yes, we can and not letting others define us. We should not let others hold us back. We need to, as women, hold each other up and make it easier for women to reach their goals, not harder. So as

we enter this last week of Women's History Month. I want you to take a moment first to relax and recharge, then unleash the Wonder Woman in you. I want you to challenge yourself to do something outside your comfort zone. It could be going for the promotion, trying out for a community play, training for a marathon, or learning to cook a new dish. Please go for it, and you will be surprised what you can do.

Second, I want you to take a moment to honor the other amazing women who are making a difference. If we celebrate our work, it will inspire others not to let anything hold them back, even a genetic disorder

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