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Season Three of Bridgerton: What We Know So Far

Dearest Gentle Readers,

This morning, the Ton was buzzing with the latest news from Lady. Whitsledown herself that after much anticipation, patience, and excitement, the Ton will return for the third social this coming Spring, and it seems love will be in the air for the third Featherington daughter and the third Bridgeton son. I, for one, can not wait as I love to spill the tea as much as any gentle bread lady, so let's prepare our favorite dessert and tea to dish on the latest gossip.

What do we know so far about the upcoming Bridgerton Season 3?

We left last season with Pen (Nicola Coughlin ) heartbroken by her best friend Eloise, her discovery of Pen being Lady Whistledown and Colin's harsh words that he would never court her, not even in her wildest dreams. Now, we will return to the Ton with Pen having a whole new outlook and determined to find a match. That will allow her the independence she needs to continue writing and get out of the confines of her mother's home. She returns to town with a new wardrobe. However, things don't start as well as she likes, and the return of a certain Bridgerton does not seem to help matters.

Meanwhile, Colin (Luke Newton ) returns from a tour of Italy, France, and Spain with a renewed sexy swagger and is determined to mend his "friendship" with the girl across the square. He is so determined to win "his Pen" back that he plots a foolproof plan to help her become more confident as she fully commits to the marriage. However, when his plans work too well, he must decide what his feelings are for "his Pen."

Add in the complications of Pen's rift with Eloise (Claudia Jessie ), Lady Whistledown, and a host of new members to the town, and it will for sure be the most exciting season yet. So have your dance cards ready and prepare for the carriage ride we have all been waiting for.

When will it be hitting Netflix?

Bridgerton Season Three will stream in two parts with four episodes each.

Part 1 May 16th, 2024

Part Two June 13th, 2024

I know it may seem like a long time to wait, and I can not wait to see Nicola and Luke shine on screen and receive all the praise they are almost certain to receive and how they will truly bring Quinn's Romancing Mr. Bridgeton to life. If you haven't read the Bridgerton Series, I highly recommend you grab an eclair and dig in while we wait. You will love them.

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