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Finding the Special in Special Needs

Usually I try to stay away from getting political on my blog,and will do my best in this one to . I do feel compelled today to comment on the horrific comments made by CNN contributor and View host Ana Navarro. Over the weekend, when commenting on the recent SCOTUS decision on Roe V Wade. Ana used the example of those with special needs as a justification for abortion., I know have friends and followers on both sides of this issue and understand the divisiveness and emotion of this issue. this post will not be an opinion or my feelings on this issue. I know many of you will have different views than me, and I am not here to impose my opinion on this issue.

However, I feel heartbroken that a member of the media would state that abortion is justified simply because there may be a chance that child will be special needs. This is cruel and underestimates the special needs community and those that care for them. As someone classified as special needs as an infant, I was offended and genuinely hurt by these comments. It made me feel that she was looking at my life with less value. Her comments are hurtful,,

and she should be ashamed of herself. If people would look and try to understand those with special needs, they can see what extraordinary accomplishments and value they bring to the world. Just attend a Special Olympics event and you will see the value and hope they get to the world around them.

I think the world should look at life through the eyes of those living with special needs. They are not jaded or hardened by the outside world; they take everything in and show enormous empathy towards others. , Their joy in life is an inspiration for others. I think about the what-ifs with me. What if my parents had listened to people like her? What if they just decided to give up on me? I thank God they didn’t and am grateful for the opportunities that I have had. My life has been fulfilling and I accomplished more than anyone could have imagined.

Don't’t let a diagnosis stop you from seeing the person for who they are and the value they bring to the world. Also don't't let others let you ever feel that you are less valued in society because of your limitation.s. I am proof that with faith, support and determination. You still can accomplish a great deal. Lets look at the others in the world with more empathy instead of the elitism and condescension. The world can certainly use more kindness.

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