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Learning to Love Your Imperfections

Recently I interviewed with the Ladybee podcast It is a fantastic podcast that's the mission to help women shine in every aspect of their lives. In this interview, I talk about navigating Turner Syndrome. It ups and downs, and learning to accept and even love yourself even the imperfections. I know you are likely saying, girl this is easier said than done, and you are right. It is easy for anyone to look at an airbrushed photo on Instagram and suddenly feel like you have to be perfect. We let that self-doubt take over. We start dwelling on the imperfect parts of ourselves. I am guilty of this; it's a work in progress. We often think we have to have it all together, especially women.

Women feel that if they cry or show even a tiny bit of vulnerability, they are weak. It is hard to learn to let go and be vulnerable. It is even harder to look in the mirror and think we are inadequate, to love ourselves, imperfections and all; however, if we don't learn to love ourselves and let our true selves shine, how can we ever learn to love others? To be our best for others, we have to be our best selves, which means loving ourselves So how do we do this? How do we change our mindset? This is even harder for those with Turner Syndrome. As I said, this is a work in progress, but each day I am learning to not be so hard on myself and be ok with those negging imperfections. I thought I would share some tricks I have used to change my mindset when feeling those insseructies to the surface.

  1. Doing things that make you happy, I have learned that when I struggle with my insecurities,,a change in scenery is always helpful. For me, it's taking my sweet Golden Retriever Winston for a walk. The unconditional love of a dog seems always to put me in a better mood.

  2. Unplugging from social media. I have learned that it is essential to step away from devices and grab a good book or go to dinner with a friend. Taking time to step away from daily interruptions is always a way to recharge and put things into perspective.

  3. Don't follow those that only share their perfect moments. Let's be honest those ideal moments are few and far between. I love seeing those real moments, those "nailed it Moments" that we all can relate . Following those feeds makes me feel less alone, and it helps me laugh at myself and let go of my need for perfection.

  4. The last tip is to take time for yourself. Please make sure you are getting enough sleep. When you don't feel your best, you can't be your best for others, ,so it is essential to take those moments for yourself,and that goes for parents who are navigating this disorder along with their daughters.

Now I am certainly not an expert, and I'd be the first to say I am still learning to let go and love myself and my imperfections. But I am learning to take it day by day and let others see the real me. I am each day learning I am ok being the bookworm, political nerd, the girl who can quote every word of Hamilton and Music Man, and still be the girl who loves to dress up and get her nails and makeup done. Most importantly. I have learned that I am more than my disorder,even though it likes to remind me of it often, have realized that God has a purpose for all of us; it is our job to trust him.



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