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Hi everyone happy Saturday. Our house is full of excitement this Saturday as our Iowa Hawkeyes take on the Michigan Wolverines for the big 10 championships. Not to mention my Morningside Mustangs are playing our rivals Northwestern today. So it is safe to say football viewing will be on the agenda in the Cleveland house this weekend and it wouldn’t be fall without it. I wanted to take a few minutes in between games to say a huge thank you for your support and a welcome to those who are new to following the Butterfly Chronicles on social media or subscribers. Your support means a lot and I look forward to hearing from fellow butterflies and sharing our journey with this disorder together.

Since many of you are new here I wanted to take the time to re-introduce myself and why I started the Butterfly Chronicles. My name is Nicole and I was diagnosed with Turner syndrome a rare genetic disorder shortly after birth. As a result, I have had several health issues throughout my life and even struggled with a nonverbal learning disability.

Growing up with this I was the only person I knew that had this disorder and so I largely kept it to myself as I knew most would not understand the disorder on the health complications that came with it. But that all changed in high school when I was asked by my teacher to do a presentation on it. I would have to tell many of my classmates for the first time about my disorder and health battles. Most never knew I had even my close friends. I wanted to be treated like everyone else I did not want anyone to look at me differently. When I finished my presentation many of my friends asked me why I never told them and that I should tell others to help spread awareness.

Throughout my life, I have had some amazing experiences and accomplished goals many thought would be impossible. I have been in a major made for TV movie ok so I was

extra but still, it counts, I went on to graduate top half of my high school class and went to achieve a double degree in political science and journalism from Morningside University Go Mustangs! I even went on to be elected the youngest woman in my community’s history to serve on the city council and served two terms. Now I am changing focus starting the next adventure of being a blogger and author.

My first book with be out later this spring or early summer and I will be sharing with you details here on my website so be sure to subscribe to my website to get all the latest news and my weekly blog

I share this not to brag or to sound self-important but to share that to not let any limitations hold you back from achieving your dreams. As one of my favorite actors, Michael J fox stated “When life takes away, something of greater value is always given in return”. I come to realize this as I battled health issues but what life has given me despite the struggles it has given me so much more in return and I started this blog in hopes that it would inspire you to go out and reach your goals and also to feel less alone. Together we are stronger and with increase awareness so much more can be achieved.

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